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Bubbly Water Is Making A Splash Among Millennials

Popular brands like Seltzer and LaCroix are soaring in sales

Mineral water has Millennials obsessed! Today’s Seltzer drink dates back to 1971, when Perrier flooded the United States. Much like hairbands and hairspray that were popular in the 1980s, Seltzer is another trend that has made its way back into American homes. According to NPR,  Americans are consuming about 170 million gallons of fizzy water each year. And to top it off, sales have risen 42 percent over the past five years—with no indication that this trend is going anywhere.

One brand to keep your eye out for is LaCroix. Millennials have deemed this sparkling water a great substitute for soda. The eye-catching can design is keeping Millennials intrigued. The result of this Millennial interest led to a website where the user can design their own LaCroix can and share their creation on Social Media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. LaCroix has taken to social media to encourage their followers to market for them by using hashtags like #LaCroixlove and #LiveLaCroix for a chance to be featured on their profile.

The charm of LaCroix is not solely based around the design. The drink also includes clean ingredients, no sweeteners and a low price-point per case—all good indicators that this might be more than a trend but a new normal for Millennials.

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