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A big thank you to Pacific Dental Services for making it possible!

The 2015 Best Places to Work for Millennials list reveals the workplaces where Millennials want to work. It also offers new insights into what it takes to recruit and retain top Millennial employees. If you haven’t seen the list, check it out now, especially if you’re a Millennial in the workforce! This would have not been possible without help from our outstanding Thought Leadership sponsor, Pacific Dental Services. We wanted to learn more about Pacific Dental Services and their work with Millennials so you can be in the know, too.


Best Places for Millennials to Work Sponsor Spotlight - Pacific Dental Services

We recently had a chance to interview Jennifer Jensen, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at Pacific Dental Services, to give us an insider’s peek into the company that made the award possible.

CGK: Can you tell us about PDS in a few sentences?

Pacific Dental Services® (PDS®) is a dental support organization that provides a full scope of business and administrative support services to dentists, including marketing, real estate, payroll, human resources, billing and accounting. PDS-supported offices are located in 14 states across the western, central and southeastern United States.


CGK: Why did PDS sponsor this award and the research behind it?

The majority of hires and employees in the company are Millennials. Our vision is to be the Greatest Dental Company in America, and to do that, we need to have the greatest talent. To attract, hire and retain top talent, PDS needs to understand what drives Millennials; we support the research. We want to be an employer of choice for the Millennial generation to ensure that we continue to grow and develop as a company.


CGK: Why is it valuable to employ more than one generation at PDS?

It is extremely valuable to employ multiple generations for diversity purposes. The last thing a company or department wants is groupthink. A variety of generations brings different styles, thought processes, perspectives and experiences, allowing us to evolve as a company.




CGK: Where do you see the biggest differences among generations?

Work style, motivators and communication style.


CGK: What is the biggest myth about Millennial employees?

All Millennials are lazy and will job hop for growth.


CGK: Why would talented Millennials want to build their careers at PDS?

Number one is our entrepreneurial culture, in which team members are in charge of their own growth and success. We also believe in service, in terms of not only providing our supported clinicians with excellent service and support but also giving back to the community.


CGK: What critical strength or asset do Millennials bring to your workplace or the workforce in general?

 Agility. Millennials are flexible and open to change; they embrace it.


CGK: What do you think is the biggest lesson Millennials can learn from other generations?

 You need to show your value to be recognized. You don’t get a medal for mediocrity.


CGK: If you could sum up in one sentence why working for your company is a great idea, what would that sentence be?

Working for PDS is a great idea because you are surrounded by talented, hardworking individuals who enjoy providing excellent service for their community and PDS-supported offices.


CGK: Where can I go online to find information about applying to join the fantastic team at PDS?

Go to


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