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Tbh is the newest app for reviewing friends and many in Gen Z love it

In line with current Gen Z trends in mobile apps are those apps designed for anonymously reviewing your friends. One new app that is topping the charts allows the user to do just that but it all has to be positive.

The app is called tbh (to be honest) and it has users take polls about their friends. You’re presented with a series of polls, 12 at a time, then four options of friends to choose from. Your responses are entirely anonymous.

It asks questions like “Who should DJ every party?” and “Who is the next international fashion icon?” Then the user gets a notification about what their friends selected them for.

The app requires the user to be at least 13 and indicate their grade level. The app is only available in a few states: Florida, Washington, Texas, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia, and Indiana and is only available for iPhone.

Despite the limited availability, the app analyst firm Sensor Tower estimates that TBH has been installed more than 700,000 times as of September and Apptopia estimates that it has 46,000 daily active users.

What caught our attention is the trend for apps to put anonymous reviews in a positive light, as a lot of apps with this kind of reviewing system can be perceived in a negative light. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues to grow in popularity and underpins the strategy for the success of future apps.

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