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5 FAQs about The Center’s Zconomy® Services

Now is the time to prepare your organization and leadership for the emergence of Gen Z as consumers, employees, and trendsetters

The Center for Generational Kinetics is incredibly excited about the response to our Zconomy services and solutions. We are passionate about applying our unique Gen Z behavioral research, consulting lens, strategic approach to solve client challenges. We know Gen Z is only now emerging, but they are already creating tremendous change, challenge, and opportunity for leaders who know exactly how to adapt based on Gen Z research.

Below are a few questions we wanted to answer about our Zconomy Services:

  1. How did you create with the idea for Zconomy™ Services?

We were brainstorming how to best name the services we deliver that are focused on Gen Z as consumers, employees, and trendsetters. Gen Z is already ages 13 to 22, so we know they are impacting businesses and industries of all size—with more impact to come! Out of dozens and dozens of names we considered, Zconomy™ Services is the one that stuck. We love it and hope you do, too.

  1. When you talk about Gen Z and your Zconomy™ Services, what are some of the events that shaped Gen Z as a generation?  

While 9/11 is the defining moment for Millennials, Gen Z does not remember it at all. This is a major differentiator that divides Gen Z from Millennials. Here are a few of the defining moments for Gen Z as they’ve emerged:

  • YouTube for hosting and watching videos on demand (2005)
  • Amazon, selling virtually everything (add year)
  • Smartphones and the iPhone (2007)
  • The first African-American President of the United States (2008)
  • Uber (2009) and the larger sharing economy
  • United Kingdom voting to leave the EU — particularly in Europe (2017)
  1. What are the types of companies are hiring The Center for Zconomy™ Services?

The companies and leaders reaching out to us include CEOs and CMOs of legacy brands and founders of innovative startups. The industries range from CPG and automotive to retail and healthcare. We look at everything from how to market and sell to Gen Z to how to recruit and retain them as employees.

  1. What are The Center’s primary Zconomy™ Services?

Great question! We offer the following:

  • Zconomy™ Speaking
  • Zconomy™ Consulting
  • Zconomy™ Training
  • Zconomy™ Research 
  1. If I want to talk with someone at The Center for Generational Kinetics about your Zconomy™ Services, who do you I contact?

For information on how The Center’s Zconomy™ Services can help you solve a Gen Z challenge, please email our friendly team at

Together we can solve the Gen Z challenge and unlock the tremendous potential this exciting generation brings as employees, consumers, and trendsetters.

Thank you for your interest in Gen Z and our passion for delivering accurate understanding and solutions about this generation at a pivotal time in their emergence.

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