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CGK President Jason Dorsey on his 14 speaking events in only 16 days!

Here are the 3 lessons he learned.

CGK President Jason had an exciting and eventful; end to 2021 giving 14 unique presentations in just 16 days! He shared his experiences and the lessons he learned for the future and we would love to pass that along to you.

Have you ever had an experience that pushed you to see what you could deliver? That happened to me at the end of 2021. I delivered 14 custom presentations for 14 different clients in 16 days! It. Was. Incredible. 

The clients ranged from global banks and supplement companies to financial services, accounting, dentistry, CPG, and enterprise software. Every audience, speech, venue, and experience was different, but each event was unforgettable. I ended the speaking tour in Las Vegas with a standing ovation from a three-time repeat client! 

This speaking tour was the most exhilarating two weeks of speaking and travel I’ve had since the start of the pandemic. It was also the most physically demanding. 100% of my flights were either delayed or canceled—or both! But we made it work every time. 

Looking back on these sixteen days, I am inspired and grateful. I am grateful to the event organizers, attendees, pilots, flight attendants, hotel staff, A/V teams, and everyone else in between who made all of this possible. I am also inspired by the response from the attendees across the US and those joining virtually from around the world. 

Three lessons I learned from keynoting 14 events in 16 days: 

1- Take much earlier flights. I now try to take only morning flights even if I don’t speak until late the following day. This gives me the most flexibility and clients the most confidence that we’ll all be where we need to be by the end of the travel day. 

2- Be flexible about everything. Some of the events had to change their itinerary the day of my keynote, and other clients had brand-new data they wanted me to include. Being flexible and saying “Yes!” helps everyone deliver a better experience. My goal is to always make my clients and the event organizers look like heroes (because they are). 

3- People are VERY excited to get together in person. In fact, one of the events ended up doubling the length of their breaks between sessions to accommodate the attendees’ desires to catch up with friends they haven’t seen in two years.

After 20+ years of speaking, I love that I am still learning, adapting, delivering new presentations, racing through airports to make flights, and getting to work with such awesome clients. Thank YOU for being on this journey with me!

Please reach out if you have an upcoming meeting or conference—in-person, virtual, or a combination—where I can speak for you. I very much look forward to collaborating in 2022! 

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