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Is “Xennial” a Real Generation? The Truth about Microgenerations

Were you born between Gen X and Millennials? You’re actually a Cusper.

I was asked a great question after my keynote speech, and I realized, I need to share the answer with you!

The audience member asked me: Is it true there is a microgeneration called “Xennials” or “Oregon Trail Generation” between Gen X and Millennials?


No! There is no Xennial microgeneration. Those born on the cusp where Gen X ends and Millennials begin are still a part of their respective generations—sorry Oregon Trail fans!

Cuspers: The transitional period on the edges of generations

They are Cuspers. These are individuals born in a transitional period from one generation to the next. Like me! I’m a Cusper.

You can be born within three to five years at the end of Gen X and the start of Millennials and have all the characteristics of either of the two generations, or be a blend of the two.

In fact, being a Cusper has many advantages! It can be an advantage with leadership, management, sales, and marketing because a Cusper is often more empathetic to both generations.

What are your generational questions? I want to answer them!

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