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Unlocking Millennial Employees’ Talent 2015: Special Report

Brand new insights for employing the fastest growing generation in the workplace based on our national study

If you’re reading this, you probably—like us—employ or plan to employ Millennials, also known as Generation Y. This generation of almost 84 million people in the U.S. alone brings a new mindset, skill set, and enthusiasm to today’s multigenerational workforce. The resulting generational differences in your workplace can be a challenge or an opportunity—depending entirely on how managers and leaders respond.


Unlocking Millennial Talent 2015: Special Report

To give you the leading edge in the generational opportunity, we created a special report with the newest insights and how-to strategies that have been proven to work with Millennial employees. These are the top findings from our 2015 Best Places to Work For Millennials Award results, representing over 3,000 companies and 500,000 employees.

For example, what attracts Millennials to a job? When recruiting Millennial employees, the goal is not only more applicants but also better applicants. The research around attracting Millennials shows two big trends:

1. Employment branding is more important than ever. This includes the steps you take to brand both your company and your specific positions in order to appeal to prospective Millennial employees. The most critical touch points include your job description, the career page on your website, and ease of applying. Additional key influencers are social media outlets like and other online employment ratings.

2. The second trend we see is the incredible importance of bringing your company’s mission and purpose to life. More than any other generation, Millennial employees want to know and believe in your mission and purpose—which should include valuing your employees and their personal and professional growth.

Click here to download the complete report, Unlocking Millennial Talent 2015, and learn how to quickly make the most of Millennial employees in your workforce.

What is your experience with the Millennial employees? Are they testing or hard working, or have you seen both examples?

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