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Millennials Want to Go to Space More Than Any Other Generation

Could Millennials be the first generation to make space travel a vacation option?

While they might not have the same spending power as Baby Boomers when it comes to vacations, Millennials are passionate about traveling and seeking out new life experiences. According to our recent study on Gen Z and Millennial travelers with Expedia, 65% of Millennials are specifically saving money to spend on travel. And nearly half of Millennials said they would sell their clothes or furniture to travel more.

So just how far will Millennials go to quench this desire to travel and find unique experiences?

Millennials want to go to space.

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey on space tourism, Millennials were the most likely generation (63%) to say they would be interested in a space travel vacation. This is compared to only 39% of Gen X and 27% of Baby Boomers who said they would be interested.

In fact, only about 42% of Americans in total said they would be interested, making Millennials far and away the most interested out of any group.

What is driving this trend?

The survey found that among the 42% of Americans who said they would be interested in traveling into space, the most common reason given was to “experience something unique.” Millennials are always on the lookout for exclusive or unique experiences, so space vacations seem like a perfect fit for this generation.

Of course once space travel becomes a reality, the high price becomes the biggest obstacle to getting there. The survey found that Millennials and Gen Xers were most likely to say the main reason they would not be interested was that it would be too expensive or too scary.

Want to know more about Millennials’ travel preferences?

 Check out our original generational study with Expedia called “Generations on the Move,” for a deep dive into multi-generational travel trends and how each generation’s habits will impact the future of the travel industry.

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