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Jason Dorsey details newest youth communication craze in Fox Interview

"Live Chilling" is how Gen Z Hangs Out

Generation Z is changing the way friendships evolve and it isn’t anything like you’d imagine. They have lived their whole lives with technology literally in the palm of their hands, this is shaping the way they form and keep relationships. They’ve never known a life without it.


Gen Z’ers function with complete ease in the world of social media and technology, their smart phones are becoming an extension of themselves. They are using this technology to participate in “live chilling”, hanging out in group chat rooms, group texts, and video message apps instead of in person.  They are maintaining friendships via the internet much like previous generations would have utilized a local coffee shop, and according to leading Gen Z expert and researcher Jason Dorsey, “This is not going away”.

The ease and functionality of online “live chilling” make it most appealing to youth. Dorsey explains they are “using one of these apps on their phone, in their living room – connecting to people in other living rooms, and that’s hanging out.” Without having to leave the comfort and convenience of home, they are able to maintain friendships, work on homework, and hold extensive conversations.

In order to understand this behavior, you have to understand where these Gen Z’ers are coming from. Dorsey elaborates, “if all relationships, to you, have always been driven through technology (then) it’s weird, or uncomfortable, or unusual to actually have to meet face to face.”

Can you “live chill” with today’s youth?  Join the conversation on Twitter at @JasonDorsey or @WhatTheGen and don’t forget to add your #generation!

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