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Explaining Zillennials on CNN

CGK’s President Explains Zillennials and Cuspers on CNN

Did you see our President, Jason Dorsey, sharing CGK’s latest generations discoveries on CNN? Jason was invited to share his expertise on an important yet overlooked generational area of study: Cuspers. These are individuals born on the transition years or boundary birth years of different generations. We’ve been researching these cohorts and what makes them unique.

Cuspers are born within three years of a generation ending or beginning. These individuals often feel like they are part of two different generations, making them a natural bridge between the generations on both sides of their age. Interestingly, we often hear that even though they feel like a mix of two different generations they tend to identify with one generation a little more than the other. Those of you who are born on the boundary of Gen X and Millennials might relate to this because it’s likely you identify more with Gen X than Millennials even though you likely have Millennial characteristics, too!

CNN reached out to CGK to learn more about our research on the next emerging group of Cuspers: Zillennials! We have been watching their emergence closely, and Jason was thrilled to share our perspective on this unique and exciting group.

Zillennials are born on the cusp or transition from Millennials to Generation Z. They often report that they don’t feel like they are quite Millennial or Gen Z. This is because they encountered certain trends or major events at a very early age or at the tail end of a generation. For example, they may have been just old enough to remember 9/11, but also had COVID hit at a very formative time in their emergence as adults. This sort of duality between generational experiences gives them a unique advantage to relate to the generations on both ends of their experience while also providing them with their own distinct perspective.

Do you know any Zillennials? Or are you a generational Cusper yourself, maybe born on the border of Gen X and Millennials or Boomers and Gen X? If so, you may have some unique strengths you can tap into at work and at home. Click here to read the entire CNN article on Zillennials.

Thank you, as always, for being on this journey of research, discovery, and speaking with the team at CGK. Reach out if you’d like to lead original research to uncover new discoveries about generations, trends, and strategies—from Cuspers to consumers and employees. We look forward to talking with you!

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