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CGK President Shares His Top 10 Unexpected Memories of 2022

#1 made the entire team smile.

Happy almost end of 2022! As the year draws to a close, we asked our President, Jason Dorsey, to share his 10 favorite highlights and unexpected moments from his adventures this year. We enjoyed hearing them so much that we wanted to share them with you! Please check them out below, including #1 which made our entire team smile. What a year it has been! Wishing you and yours the very best New Year and a wonderful 2023.

Ten Unexpected Memories of 2022 from CGK’s President:

10. Speaking to 6,000 Leaders at One Event

Talk about bringing the energy. Speaking to 6,000 leaders from across the US was a big speaking highlight for me—including the standing ovation and all their social media posts. It’s fun to be back at large events where the energy and excitement get everyone fired up and ready to take action.

9. Kicking Off Rya’s Gen Z Video Series for CGK

Rya started her Gen Z video series for CGK this year! Rya had just turned 11 when she filmed her first video for CGK. She brings an emerging Gen Z perspective which is engaging and candid. You may remember Rya from my stories about her in Zconomy or in my speeches. Definitely check out her monthly video. She covers all kinds of topics from a Gen Z perspective.

8. Presenting to Executives in China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore—live from Austin

I’ve always wanted to speak to global leaders in Shanghai. I finally did this year! I keynoted a live event with APAC leaders attending in person in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, plus we had an amazing live Q&A—but I never left Austin, Texas. The ability to keynote both in-person and hybrid events in the same week shows how we’re all still adapting and making the most of our desire to connect, learn, grow, and serve all around the world. What a journey.

7. Seeing CGK Speaker, Alicia, on the Road!

Serendipity?!?! Definitely. It was a happy and fun coincidence to see CGK’s fantastic keynote speaker, Alicia Rainwater, at the Phoenix airport. We were there to keynote different client events in the same city. So cool. Audiences love Alicia’s high-energy presentations and the CGK team is inspired by how well she delivers our insights in her customized keynotes.

6. Yahoo! Finance – Surprising Trends Interview about Gen Z and Millennials

The collision of inflation, crypto winter, social media, and more are driving surprising behaviors by Gen Z and Millennials. In this very high-energy interview, I shared with Yahoo! Finance what we’re uncovering now, debated great new data, and revealed why (surprise!) aspirational social media posts turn off younger generations. Check it out here.

5. Leading Our Company Retreat in San Antonio

I’m incredibly proud of our team at CGK. We grew significantly this year and it was time to celebrate, learn, and come together, so we did—literally. Our entire team came together in San Antonio, TX where we recognized top performers, innovated on new research for 2023, set plans for our future, and had a great time being together in person. Way to grow, Team CGK!

4. Working with Leaders On-Site in Greece

Ten years ago, I met an entrepreneur who was putting *everything* on the line to start an e-learning company. He had grit. Humility. Determination. Kindness. Purpose. And a bold vision for building a technology company that would help people learn on the job—whether they were experienced leaders or brand-new hires. He was building this company halfway around the world from his family. Fast forward ten years and I just visited that same entrepreneur in Greece this year—and WOW what an experience it was!!! He has now helped over 22,000,000 employees in 120 countries learn at work!!! Read the entire post here. It’s an incredible story.

3. Collaborating on Original Research for Amazing Clients Such As Envestnet, Alkami, Rocket Dollar, Instant Financial, Supportworks, RealPage, and Over 20(!) More!

Our team at CGK is all about collaborating with companies on original research to separate generational myth from truth, uncover hidden trends, and find new solutions to challenges. This year we did all that and more with a diverse group of clients from technology and banking to construction, real estate, manufacturing, and many more. I want to give a big shout-out to our amazing clients for their national and international studies. This year we led studies in 8 different countries, from China to France!

2. Headlining JP Morgan’s Tech Stars Leadership Forum in London

Keynoting the JP Morgan Tech Stars Conference in London was an unbelievable experience! I got to present to the most high-profile tech and venture capital founders and CEOs across Europe. This was incredible because the attendees lead so many companies I admire, AND I got to share the stage with Jamie Dimon! I was so fired up by the attendee interaction during my keynote, that I was the only speaker to get off the stage and speak directly from the audience. Amazing. This was my fourth event to keynote this year for this industry-leading financial services firm.

1. Rya Hearing Me Speak at a Big Event for the First Time!!

I’ve waited 11 YEARS for this experience. 11 years! It finally happened this year. After being on the road for 200+ days a year since Rya was born (except during Covid), I’ve wanted badly for Rya to see me speak at a client event. I wanted her to experience *why* I do what I do—and it finally happened! For the first time ever, this year Rya traveled with me on a “work trip with Dad!” It was even better than I’d imagined, and Rya even got a standing ovation from the audience!

My favorite part: after my talk, Rya said “Dad, I didn’t know you were funny!”

Sending You Great Wishes for a Wonderful 2023

As you can tell, this year was filled with great memories, unexpected events, coming together after being apart, and much more. Jason and the entire CGK Team are grateful for clients and friends to be back on the road connecting with leaders and teams like yours and sharing our discoveries around the world. Thank you, again, for being a part of this amazing journey. We look forward to our paths crossing in 2023!

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