A New Generation Emerges—and Brings Tremendous Change

This national study builds on more than 65 generational studies we’ve led on four continents. Our work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets and our speaking, consulting, and research clients include many of the biggest brands and employers in the world. In addition to our research studies, we infuse our annual State of Gen Z® report with our extensive global experience and leading custom research to solve challenges for more than 100 clients per year. This work gives us front line insights and extensive data into what works actually works across generations. In this year’s study, we included 1,000 members of Gen Z (ages 13 to 23) as well as 1,000 Millennials for comparison. We are seeing dramatic differences between these two generations as they impact businesses, industries, countries, and emerging trends. Complete the short form on this page to instantly access the entire State of Gen Z® 2019 Research Report. For research, speaking, or media inquiries, please contact or  +1(512) 259-6877.

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“Social media is not optional for brands that want to attract Gen Z as customers and advocates. A robust social media presence across key Gen Z platforms is an absolute must for brands.”

—Dr. Denise Villa CEO and Gen Z Expert

Below are just a few of the findings from our 2019 State of Gen Z® research study:

95% of Gen Z are on a social media app or website at least once a week, and 1/3 of Gen Z say they spend most of their time outside of work or school on social media. Social media is a powerful tool for Gen Z. They are using several different platforms daily to satisfy their needs. 48% of Gen Z gamers think their gaming skills will help them later in life. Digital gaming continues to be a trend with Gen Z and holds a secure place in the entertainment and social lives of this fast emerging generation. In this year’s study, we found that 61% of Gen Z are gaming at least once a week. This number increases for Younger Gen Z (ages 13-17). 70% of them are gaming at least once a week. 46% of Gen Z have not bought something they really wanted because the website was too hard to use. While Gen Z has come of age always being able to engage with mobile technology and digital commerce, they also expect the purchasing experience to be extremely easy, clear, and fast–otherwise they’ll buy somewhere else. There are many more exciting findings in this year’s State of Gen Z® 2019 for leaders, marketers, journalists, and parents. This research is only available from The Center for Generational Kinetics. Fill out the short form on this page to receive your free copy of the entire report.

A Small Sample of the Study's Findings…

40% OF GEN Z

would rather be gaming than do anything else in front of a screen.

55% OF GEN Z

say their social media image is very or somewhat close to who they are in real life.

69% OF GEN Z

think saving for retirement should be a priority.

64% OF GEN Z

say they exercise weekly or more often.

“Gen Z is driving technology adoption trends from the youngest consumers and employees up to the oldest. This is a major shift from prior periods where the oldest generations drove trends down to the youngest generations. This impacts everything from b2c sales to b2b marketing.”

—Jason Dorsey, President, and Gen Z Strategist and Speake

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The Center for Generational Kinetics has led more than 65 generational studies, spanning four continents and multiple languages. Each year, we work with over 100 clients, from global retailers and inancial services leaders to pioneering technology companies. We have helped financial service providers invent new products and offers, launched new cars to a new generation of buyers, and helped hospitals attract and retain the next generation of nurses.

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About the 2019 State of Gen Z® Annual Research Study

Each year, The Center for Generational Kinetics leads The State of Gen Z® Annual Research Study to dive deep into new and emerging trends, solutions, and insights as Gen Z emerges further into adulthood and gains more urgency and influence as consumers and employees. This year’s annual Gen Z study is particularly exciting because it is a continuation of our three previous State of Gen Z® national studies and also includes several new areas of study. The State of Gen Z® research study was conducted and designed by the PhD led research team at The Center for Generational Kinetics. To lead this research, The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK) designed a custom 32-question Gen Z and Millennial study. The quantitative study was administered to 2,000 U.S. respondents ages 13-42, including 997 Gen Z (ages 13-23) and 1,003 Millennials (ages 24-42). The sample was weighted to the U.S. Census for age, region, gender, and ethnicity. The national study was conducted online from September 27, 2019, to October 10, 2019. Figures are statistically significant at the 95% confidence level. The margin of error is +/-3.1%.