Watch a short video with our CEO and President sharing what we do at The Center for Generational Kinetics.

At CGK, we are passionate about solving generational challenges for leaders. We believe that separating generational myth from truth has never been more important to drive growth, employment, trust, and innovation.

Our team has led research on four continents, worked with more than 700 clients, and solved challenges for some of the biggest brands in the world.

CGK’s acclaimed generational keynote speakers have received standing ovations around the world, from Singapore to Amsterdam. Our repeat clients range from corporate boards to a global summit with over 100,000 participants. Our experience both on the stage and the virtual stage is unparalleled.

At CGK, we believe that every generation is important. The key is knowing how to unlock the potential of each generation. That is what we deliver for you.

The CGK Difference: Research and Results

CGK is the leader in generational research, speaking, and solutions, with special emphasis on Millennials (aka Gen Y) and Gen Z (aka iGen). Our Ph.D.-led team leads primary research to determine the hidden drivers that leaders need to understand and improve to drive measurable results. Using our frontline approach, we combine quantitative and qualitative research with our deep generational expertise to uncover new insights, emerging trends, and specific actions that solve urgent challenges for clients.

We work in every major industry to answer tough generational questions, such as How do I get Millennials to buy from me?, What’s the best way to hire and retain talented Gen Z employees in a multigenerational workforce?, and How can I drive innovation across generations to stand out from our competition?

Each year we lead our State of Gen Z® research study to uncover missing data about Gen Z’s mindset, worldview, behavioral drivers, and must-know trends as customers, employees, and emerging leaders. Click here to read findings from our State of Gen Z® research study.


CGK’s leadership: Denise Villa, Ph.D., CEO, and Jason Dorsey, President. CGK is proud to be both a woman and minority-owned business.

Our Belief that Generations are Not A Box

At CGK, we believe that generations are not a box. Instead, we see generations as powerful clues that can drive measurable growth for organizations and leaders in key areas: sales, management, innovation, and much more. We understand generational differences as researchers and practitioners. We’ve led more than 60 generational studies and have four generations in our office sporting everything from doctoral degrees to tattoos (and sometimes both). CGK is also a majority woman- and minority-owned business. We are also proud to offer a summer internship program for first-generation college students.

We Uncover What Works

We pride ourselves on being the #1 research and solution firm to focus on Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. We discover what works to make the most of every generation influencing your challenge through Generational Context™ and applying our unique expertise, whether that’s to drive growth, key employment outcomes, or trust and innovation. We work with you to solve your specific challenge through actions that leverage your strengths, generations, and culture. The outcomes are cutting-edge insight, ready-to-use actions, and thought leadership resources, which drive a powerful ROI.

The Washington Post feature story on CGK’s groundbreaking Gen Z research. The Post has included CGK in several Gen Z articles.

Our Track Record: From 700+ Clients to 200+ TV Appearances

CGK’s research, consulting, and speaking clients range from Fortune 100 companies to private equity firms and venture-backed start-ups. We cut through the myths and generational noise to serve clients in industries ranging from automotive, banking, and financial services to software, restaurants, hoteliers, and retail. Our repeat clients include many of the biggest brands.

Our team members have been featured in hundreds of media outlets from The New York Times cover story on marketing to Millennials to appearances as generational experts on 60 Minutes and The Early Show. Adweek called our President a “research guru.”

We love helping people and organizations turn generational challenges into breakthrough opportunities for growth.

If you want real results connecting with Millennials and GenZ, Contact us today.

CGK and Jason Dorsey were featured in The New York Times cover story on Millennials and marketing. Read the story here.