Our Millennial, Gen Z, and generational experts are trusted resources for journalists and news outlets. Our researchers and experts bring a research-based perspective to breaking news, hot topics, and new discoveries.
Click on the videos below to see a few short clips of our President and Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey, talking about generations. The video interviews range from how Millennials spend money to the debate about Millennial entitlement.

Experts on Millennials, Gen Z, and Generations for Journalists

The Center for Generational Kinetics is the trusted source on Millennials (Gen Y), Gen Z (iGen), and generational differences for journalists.

Our team of experts is known for bringing research-based perspective to news stories and debates ranging from Millennials and money to generational differences in the workforce, housing, shopping, investing, and politics.

In the past year, our team appeared on over 40 television interviews and dozens more print and online outlets.

We are passionate about bringing an informed, research-based perspective to the generational conversation that helps the public separate fact from fiction.


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