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state of gen z report 2016 as Political & Civic Outlook

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Who is Generation Z? In the first annual State of Gen Z® research study, CGK’s team focused on important generational mindset areas including: Gen Z and their relationship with technology, how Gen Z is different from Millennials, and Gen Z’s views about politics. The dependence on technology that was uncovered, including its direct impact on Gen Z self-worth, led to significant conversations around the world. In addition, uncovering Gen Z’s emerging political viewpoints and who they trust as leaders helps to highlight the views of the generation as they are now able to vote in elections.

This study featured over 1,000 Gen Z participants with a margin of error of +/-3.1.


  • How does Gen Z say social media affects how they feel about themselves? 
  • How does Gen Z use their phone to comparison shop—showrooming—when physically present at a store? 
  • Does Gen Z trust elected officials more or less than older generations?
  • Does Generation Z feel that the US is headed in the right direction? 
  • And much more!


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Below are just a few of the many findings from the study:

43% OF GEN Z

43% of Gen Z thinks womens having equal opportunity to succeed in work or business

47% OF GEN Z

47% of Gen Z say that voting is important, which is less than any other generation

78% OF GEN Z

78% of Gen Z believes the American Dream
is attainable!

33% OF gen z

33% of Gen Z is the generation least likely to see the Affordable Care Act as negatively impacting

33% of Gen Z is nearly split on whether they think this legislation has positively or negatively impacted their ability to have access to affordable, quality health care, with 30% saying it has had a negative impact and 33% saying it has had a positive one.

43% of Gen Z thinks womens having equal opportunity to succeed in work or business Gen Z is the most diverse generation in U.S. history. It is so diverse that its members often only recognize diversity in its absence because this diversity is such a core part of their experience. We wanted to uncover what this diverse generation thinks about opportunities available to minorities and women, specifically as it relates to the opportunity to be successful at work or in business.

47% of Gen Z say that voting is important, which is less than any other generation As Gen Z grows up and starts to participate in many of the adult functions that are affected by governmental policies, it’s likely that they’ll place a greater importance on voting.
 For right now, close to half of Gen Z already sees voting as important even though most aren’t yet able to vote, which bodes well for the future of representative democracy

“What Gen Z has to say about topics like immigration, health care, and voting has profound implications for our collective future, and what we discovered is that this fastemerging, pragmatic generation has quite a few opinions of its own.”

–Jason Dorsey, Gen Z Expert and Chief Strategy Officer The Center for Generational Kinetics

The state of gen z 2016: Political and Civic Outlook

This report, Gen Z’s Political and Civic Outlook, is the second in our landmark series on the generation after Millennials, known as Gen Z, iGen, and Centennials.

Currently age 20 and under, this new generation goes by many names: Gen Z, iGen, Centennials, and others. The Center for Generational Kinetics led this landmark study on Gen Z’s Political and Civic Outlook as a first step toward understanding the viewpoints that will profoundly affect each one of us—leaders, managers, marketers, and policymakers alike. This jump-start in understanding is absolutely critical to preparing for, communicating with, influencing, and instructing this new generation of citizens.

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“Gen Z is driving technology adoption trends from the youngest consumers and employees up to the oldest. This is a major shift from prior periods where the oldest generations drove trends down to the youngest generations. This impacts everything from b2c sales to b2b marketing.”


About the 2016 State of Gen Z® Annual Research Study

Each year, The Center for Generational Kinetics leads The State of Gen Z® Annual Research Study to dive deep into new and emerging trends, solutions, and insights as Gen Z emerges further into adulthood and gains more urgency and influence as consumers and employees. This year’s annual Gen Z study is particularly exciting because it is a continuation of our three previous State of Gen Z® national studies and also includes several new areas of study. The State of Gen Z® research study was conducted and designed by the PhD led research team at The Center for Generational Kinetics.

This research study was commissioned and led by The Center for Generational Kinetics. The survey was administered to 1,000 U.S. respondents age 14-69 with an additional 250 oversample of ages 14-17. The sample was weighted to the current census data, and participants were screened for U.S. citizenship. The survey was conducted online from October 15 ,2015 to October 21, 2015, and has a confidence interval of +/-3.1%.

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