Virtual Keynotes, Engaging Webinars, and Much More

Virtual Keynotes, Interactive Webinars, and Much More

Globally Acclaimed Virtual Keynotes

Experts at delivering engaging virtual keynotes, CGK provides unique solutions using our exclusive research, globally-acclaimed presenters, and outstanding production capabilities.

• In-depth customization working directly with Jason Dorsey and CGK’s research team

• Filmed in a commercial studio with a multi-camera shoot, optional green screen, and post-production editing

• Your branding can be included throughout the presentation

• Ideal for high-profile virtual events, user summits, leadership meetings, quarterly and annual meetings, client events, and sales kick-offs

• Always high energy, highly interactive, and packed with new insights

• Option to lead a live chat, Q&A, and online VIP meet-and-greet

• Virtual keynotes range from 30 to 60 minutes in length

• Live online training programs can be up to two hours in length

• Includes a custom invite video and social media promotion

• Attendees receive CGK's brand-new research reports

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Highly-Engaging Webinars

• In-depth customization working directly with Jason Dorsey and CGK’s research team

• Optimized for engagement from the first minute including chat, Q&A, and more

• Includes custom invite video and social media promotion

• Your branding can be included throughout the webinar

• Always high energy, highly interactive, and packed with new insights

• All webinars can be stand-alone or we can create a custom series to build excitement, learning, and reinforce results

• Webinars range from 30 to 60 minutes in length

• Attendees receive CGK's most recent research reports

• We offer two styles of webinars:

Thought Leadership Webinars: Ideal for online events designed to drive thought leadership in your industry, generate immediate leads and influence, and build customer trust

Leadership and Insights Webinars: Ideal for internal events such as quarterly meetings, internal training, leadership development, talent development, and executive briefings

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Jason Dorsey presenting a virtual keynote.

Watch Jason Dorsey’s virtual keynote preview video. He's keynoted virtual events for organizations around the world!

“Jason is the best I’ve ever seen at conducting a virtual keynote and powerful online presentation.”

—Ryan Wuerch, CEO


“Jason’s high-energy, insights-filled approach to webinar delivery is why our webinars together have generated so many leads and helped to significantly raise awareness of the WP Engine brand over the years.”

—Eric Jones, VP, Global Communications & Content

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"The first time Jason presented for us, he received a standing ovation. His live online program was every bit as powerful but enabled us to reach a much larger audience.
If you want an online program where everyone stays on until the very end and leaves inspired to take action, I highly recommend Jason Dorsey."

—Emily Reagan, Chief Marketing Officer

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“I worked with Jason and his research team to create a custom webinar for our vertical serving healthcare leaders.
The webinar was a big hit with attendees across the country. Jason is an expert at making webinars resonate with audiences and doing so with his trademark energy, humor, and insight.”

—Jeremy Urbas, VP, Healthcare Sales & Account Management

Frequently Asked Questions about CGK's Virtual Keynotes and Webinars

Will you customize the presentation for my event, audience, and priorities?
Absolutely! We do not have “canned” presentations. We customize each presentation for your exact attendees, key outcomes and calls-to-action, and any data you provide.

What if I’m seeking a more conversational or roundtable format rather than a webinar?
We frequently lead online executive roundtables and VIP insights conversations on behalf of clients, associations, and events. We bring energy, a wealth of off-the-cuff insights, stories, data, and humor, which is the perfect draw and facilitation approach for these exclusive events.

What if we’re early in the process and don’t yet know which streaming or webinar platform we’re going to use?
We have you covered. We have worked with almost all the primary technology platforms for virtual and hybrid events. We can work with any platform you choose as well as contribute our expertise having participated in over 50 virtual events.

Will Jason Dorsey help us promote the event?
Of course!  Jason loves promoting events, and he has a large online following. He will record invite videos, share your posted content, and engage on social and digital media to generate the maximum excitement, registrations, and attendance for your event.

Who should I contact for more information about CGK’s virtual events and to check availability?
Contact Emily Boyd, VP of Speaking Services, at or +1 (512) 259-6877.

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Jason Dorsey delivering a virtual keynote


We’ll create a custom virtual event package specific to your needs and key outcomes. We’ve helped launch new cars, rebrand banks, rethink technology, and improve workplaces. We are ready to work with you. Just reach out and we’ll set up a call.