Jason Dorsey speaking resources and faqs

Jason and the team at CGK look forward to working with you to make your event a tremendous success!

Our team has worked with over 700 clients around the world to deliver highly customized, engaging, take-action programs that deliver results.

On this page, you will find a variety of pre-event speaking resources and FAQs for bringing Jason to your event.

In addition to these resources, you’ll have received an email with the initial steps in our pre-event customization process.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly team at Info@GenHQ.com or +1 (512) 259-6877. 

We are excited to work with you! 

FAQs for Working With Jason

Yes! Jason has an extensive customization process that includes working directly with you and your team in advance of your event. This step-by-step process is detailed in the proposal you received as well as on our website. Jason is known for his in-depth customization! 

Jason’s average presentation length is 90 minutes. However, he always customizes his programs so he can deliver shorter programs of 30 minutes to full-day executive retreats. Emily Boyd will walk you through all the options so you can find the one that is the ideal fit for you.

Yes! Jason always arrives the day before a speaking event. You will receive Jason’s flight information when his tickets are confirmed. He will also confirm his arrival at the hotel and reconfirm when he will be arriving on-site at the location where he is presenting.

Jason prefers a handheld, wireless microphone for most speaking events. This provides the best sound quality for the audience and fits Jason’s style of presenting which is interactive, high-energy, and involves him moving a lot during his presentation.

Yes. Jason uses a select number of highly designed PPT slides for his presentations. He does not use any video, audio, or builds in his slides. If possible, he prefers a downstage monitor that shows both Current and Next slides. He does not use slide notes or a teleprompter.

No, but you’re welcome to choose your favorite. Anything that is high-energy will work great.

Yes! Jason will provide you with these resources well in advance of the event. The resources include his Generational Framework Handout and can also include post-event resources, such as a summary video and free copies of his latest research. Many clients also purchase copies of Zconomy for all attendees to go much deeper into Jason’s discoveries and strategies.

No. Jason does not sell books (or anything else) at speaking events. However, many clients buy books for all their attendees and then Jason will do a fun book signing after his talk. Audiences love this interaction. We can provide you with a list of retailers that offer significant discounts so everyone in your audience can receive a copy of Jason’s bestselling book, Zconomy. If your schedule doesn’t allow Jason to sign books after his talk, he will happily sign them the night before. 

Schedule permitting, yes! Please work with our logistics team to confirm. If you have arranged for a book signing after his presentation, for your full audience or VIPs, Jason will be happy to take photos and visit with them after his presentation.

Definitely! Jason has several resources he will provide to you after his presentation for your attendees to go deeper into the insights and strategies that drive results. You will receive these directly from Jason and share them with your attendees.

We are excited to work with you to deliver an exceptional event. If you have any questions, please contact the CGK team directly at Info@GenHQ.com or +1 (512) 259-6877

Jason Dorsey's Resources