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Video - Who Are the Millennials?

The Millennials are here. They go by many names (Generation Y, Echo Boomers, Gen 2.0, the list goes on) and they are quickly impacting everything from hiring practices and communication to sales, politics, and education. Millennials number about 83.5 million in the U.S. and over 2.5 billion globally. This diverse generation burst onto the scene with this famous interview on 60 Minutes featuring Jason Dorsey and Morley Safer. This is the interview that started the entire Millennials conversation (don’t miss the ending!).


Millennials and Generation Y are the fastest growing generation of customers and employees. This generation is the most diverse in U.S. history and has a completely different view of work, life, and shopping than other generations. Millennials came of age with the Internet, mobile devices, and ubiquitous social media. They are having a tremendous impact on our world, but the totality of that impact is yet to be determined. What we know for a fact is that the Millennials are here and they’re just getting started. See for yourself.


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