Selling to Multiple Generations at the Same Time

New Discoveries to Build Trust, Influence, and Grow Sales with Each Generations


Sales professionals face a never-before-seen challenge: engaging, building trust, and selling to four generations of customers at the same time. This problem has never been as costly as it is now.

In fact, whether an organization sells B2B or B2C, generational change and differences are affecting every aspect of a sales teams’ drive for growth. Adding complexity is that sales teams often include multiple generations themselves, so they need to know how to work well together in addition to selling to multiple generations!

In this inspiring presentation, Selling to Multiple Generations at the Same Time, CGK’s acclaimed speakers reveals exactly what works now to drive leads, trust, sales, and referrals with each generation. CGK has led more than 70 research studies to uncover new solutions for driving growth with each generation of customers. The strategies they share are unique, practical, and grounded in data that you can use immediately.


Key Presentation Outcomes:

  • Gain a completely new way to view generational selling and marketing, using unexpected research discoveries.
  • Learn how to rapidly drive leads, trust, and sales with multiple generations at the same time—and even in the same room.
  • Leave inspired with specific actions and strategies designed for your organization and sales model.

Your attendees will leave this keynote to full-day interactive presentation with the insights, tools, and inspiration necessary to drive sales results. They’ll also learn how to avoid the trap of selling to one generation while completely turning off the other three.

In Selling to Multiple Generations at the Same Time, you’ll see firsthand why CGK’s speakers have received more than 1,000 standing ovations all over the world, from New York and Los Angeles to Chile and India.

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