New generations of employees and customers are creating challenges for leaders.

In fact, what worked only three years ago can completely fail now. Leaders need new solutions for selling, to marketing, hiring, and retaining Gen Z and Millennials in a multi-generational environment. Our strategic consulting, grounded in unique research, delivers specific solutions you can use immediately to drive measurable results.
Read about our four strategic consulting pathways below, including the case studies, to see how we can help you solve your generational challenge.

Q: How do we adapt our in-store experiences to drive sales with younger generations?

How Millennials and Gen Z want to engage with companies, products, services, and salespeople are very different than other generations. Whether you have retail stores and service locations, professional sports arenas, or hotels, knowing exactly how to adapt to win these new generations of customers is absolutely critical to survival and growth.

Our experienced generational consulting team can be your trusted solution to win Gen Z and Millennials before they even walk into your physical space. Click here to learn more about our unique Retail Experience Breakthrough Strategy, including case studies.

Q: How do we create digital experiences that “WOW” Gen Z and Millennials?

Digital is the channel for attracting, engaging, and retaining Gen Z and Millennials as consumers and trendsetters. But, how do you get Gen Z and Millennials to stop scrolling and start interacting with your brand’s website and social media?

Using our unique Generational Context™ approach, our experts will show you a new way to look at how Gen Z and Millennials perceive, trust, and interact with your most important digital platforms, offerings, and touch points. Click here to see more about driving the key digital outcomes you need with our one-of-a-kind Digital Experience Breakthrough Strategy.

Q: How do we create a seamless customer purchasing journey from online to in-store?

Gen Z and Millennials experience your brand on location and online—often at the same time. This digital-meets-physical experience becomes even more complex when you factor in how often these generations depend on their mobile devices. We uncover the missing link to reveal new ways you can drive consistent results with Gen Z and Millennial customers, whether they’re onsite or between visits. Learn more about our Converge to Grow Solutions, including case studies, by clicking here.

Q: How do we recruit, train, and retain Gen Z and Millennials in a multi-generational workforce?

Millennials are already the largest generation in the workforce—and Gen Z is already moving into early management roles! To recruit, develop, and retain these younger generations of employees involves taking a new look and approach at driving results in a multi-generational workforce.

Our research and consulting team has led numerous studies and worked with dozens of clients to drive new solutions and measurable gains in recruiting, developing, and retaining Millennials and Gen Z. Learn more about the ways we can help you drive recruiting, development, and retention with your Gen Z and Millennial employees by clicking here.


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