Workplace Research on Millennials, Gen Z, and Generations


Do you need help hiring and developing Millennials and Gen Z talent? Do you want to drive performance across employees of all ages? You can do that through our unique approach.

Our Workplace Research on Millennials, Gen Z, and the generations solves your most important cross-generational workplace challenges. The challenges or goals could include recruiting, retention, talent development, knowledge transfer, innovation, or creating a specific strategy that inspires different generations to work better together.

We apply a rigorous generational lens—what we call Generational Context™—to the research findings to identify disconnects and opportunities for unlocking the potential of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers within your workforce. The result is a specific set of research-based actions and tools you can implement right away to solve your most important workforce challenges.

Our team of Ph.D. researchers will write and field a custom study or studies, which can use a quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method approach. We will analyze the findings through our Generational Context™ lens. We will then apply our deep generational workforce expertise, gained from working with data and leaders in hundreds of workforces, to create specific, ready-to-use insights and actions you can apply immediately.

We present the most important findings with supporting data and turnkey actions directly to your key stakeholders for maximum impact, internal support, and fast implementation across your workforce.

The Center’s research projects include the option for an in-person presentation of the project’s most important and exciting discoveries. The on-site findings presentation is always a highlight event for clients and their stakeholders. The interactive presentation is delivered by two members of The Center’s acclaimed research team, including at least one Ph.D. researcher.

The presentation includes a custom slide deck showcasing the best findings in a narrative form with take-action analysis. The on-site presentation drives direct, high-impact information sharing of the most important research discoveries, includes time for engaging Q&A with the research team, and fast-tracks knowledge share across your enterprise for immediate innovation.

We are passionate about solving tough generational challenges in the workforce. We have four generations in our own office, so we know how important it is to bridge generations!

Contact us today to learn how we can help solve your Millennials, Gen Z, or generational workforce challenge. Our team will schedule an initial phone call and afterward will provide you with a custom proposal.

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