Our team of PhD researchers and generational experts design and lead original research that solves your most important Millennial, Gen Z, and generational challenges. Our proprietary research approach delivers findings unique to you, practical solutions you can implement right away, and tangible results that drive measurable ROI. Our research is unique, actionable, and delivers results you can count on. 


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We solve your generational challenges.

Generational challenges are frustrating and getting worse. Each generation communicates, shops, buys, works, and thinks differently. This divide is only going to accelerate as Millennials are about to be the largest generation of consumers, Gen Z enters the workforce in droves, and other generations stay in the workforce and marketplace longer than ever before--and you have to make it all work. 

The Center for Generational Kinetics solves your most important Millennial, Gen Z, and generational challenges. We do this through our unique research approach, including Generational Context™. We separate myth from fact by leading unique research for you--qualitative and quantitative--that solves challenges such as:

  • - Leading the research for an 80-year-old multi-billion dollar retailer to re-think their store experience to win Millennials
  • - Discovering the hidden priorities of Millennial and Gen X moms to fast-track marketing results for a new CPG firm
  • - Applying our generational expertise for a global automaker to increase the success of their new car launch

We work with numerous industry leaders from a glow-in-the-dark fish company (really) to software companies and financial services leaders. Our team goes behind the scenes with our clients to understand the problem and deliver brand-new, research-based solutions unique to each client. 

In addition to solving critical challenges for our clients, we assist them in discovering insights that earn media. Our research findings for clients have been featured in well over 100 media outlets across the U.S. as well as in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America.

Our in-house research team combines Ph.D. rigor with the best generational experts in the world to lead research and design solutions that drive measurable results for you. With more than 150 clients annually, we know how to solve your challenge.

Below are three of our research solutions that solve specific challenges:


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Sales & Marketing Research

The Millennial and Gen Z generations are turning markets upside down. Solve your challenge with them—whether it's marketing, product development, customer experience, or closing sales—and you’ll win every other generation, too.


Employee & Workplace Research

Solve the biggest generational issues in your workplace, ranging from recruiting and engagement to the multi-generation workforce consisting of Millennials and now a fifth generation: Gen Z, aka iGen or Centennials.


Thought Leadership Research

Uncover the innovative and unexpected insights that answer your most important questions about generations, Millennials, and Gen Z—and position your company as the thought leader in your space.


We deliver a measurable return on your investment.

Most research firms only deliver findings, but that doesn't solve your Millennial (aka Gen Y), Gen Z (aka iGen), or generational challenge.

We strategically design your study to make sure we get your questions with the highest ROI answered directly. We then write and field the study to our exacting standards. We analyze the findings through our unique Generational Context™ approach.

We take the findings and apply our Millennial, Gen Z, and generational expertise to identify and develop the key insights into scalable tools that you can use across your organization, from new assessments and innovation to sales and marketing solutions.

The findings can also be developed into thought leadership tools, from custom white papers, webinars, and TV appearances to articles, executive presentations, and videos.

You also have the option for an in-person presentation of the project’s most important and exciting discoveries. The on-site findings presentation is always a highlight event for clients and their stakeholders.

Clients use our research-based strategies to create extraordinary growth in their key metric—with one client going from the very bottom of the list in their key metric to first in the nation.

We are ready to do the same for you. Contact us today so we can get started!

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Here's how we do it:


Define the challenge, problem, or question you're facing; strategically craft a research study to solve it


Field a national or international study to our exacting standards; quantitative, qualitative, or a combination


Apply Generational Context to the findings to identify the key actionable, high ROI insights


Transform the data into turnkey actions and scalable tools that drive measurable results for you


Communicate your thought leadership to the industry, influencers, and media with our proven track record