Our research team invented Generational Context™.

Generational Context™ combines our unique generational expertise with core insights from our proprietary research across generations to uncover new solutions to your exact challenges.

We apply Generational Context™ in our work with over 150 clients each year, ranging from automakers and hoteliers to private equity and software companies. Whether we are informing a corporate board on how to create a winning Gen Z strategy or introducing a luxury car to affluent Millennials, we bring insights, perspective, and solutions that cannot be found anywhere else.
As our client, you gain the exact, actionable insights, strategy, and solutions you need to take drive results now.

Our Ph.D. research team has led generational research in multiple languages on four continents. We’ve taken clients from last to first in employee retention as well as re-ignited customer growth. We specialize in uncovering the hidden behavioral drivers that influence:

  1. Consumer beliefs, unmet needs, and brand purchase
  2. Employee recruiting, retention, and innovation across generations
  3. Emerging product and service trends, trial, and long-term trust.
Our custom research and consulting delivers immediately actionable, practical solutions you can implement immediately for a clear ROI.


Quantitative Research Solutions

A quantitative study uncovers statistically accurate, data-driven insights, specific to answering your most important questions. You gain a clear understanding of how a generation—or multiple generations—think, feel, believe, and behave. You can immediately use the insights to drive innovation, marketing, sales, employment, and become a thought leader.

Behavioral Research & Strategy

Utilize the most powerful research approach that most organizations have yet to discover, behavioral research. This approach to problem-solving enables us to uncover the all-important “why” behind actions—or lack of actions—that you need to know to drive the outcomes and solutions critical to your organization.

Qualitative Research Discoveries

Accurately understand your customers in a new, more candid and emotional way with qualitative research. You’ll discover exactly where they live, shop, work, and how they make decisions. This in-the-field research provides rich data and uncovers the true nature of their relationship with your offering and potential offerings.

User Experience Research & Testing

Small smartphone screens drive digital experiences, especially with Gen Z. However, adapting can be a challenge, particularly for brands serving multiple generations at the same time. Our user experience research and testing show you exactly how to drive the outcomes you want.