Gen Z Infographic – Employees, Workplace, and Retirement


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Gen Z Is Primed for Workplace Perks Created by Millennials

  • 47% of Gen Z would be most excited to apply for a job with a fun work environment

  • 44% of Gen Z would be most excited to apply for a job with a flexible work schedule

  • 36% of Millennials want a flexible work schedule

  • 36% of Millennials want paid time off from work

Gen Zers Believe They Most Need These Two Skills to Succeed

  • Communication – 57%

  • Problem-solving – 49%


But They’re Still Afraid of the Same Things

Even for a generation that has grown up using FaceTime and with virtual reality as the future, Gen Z thinks they need the most improvement in these two areas:

  • Public speaking – 50%
  • Communication – 45%


Gen Z Is Already Thinking about Retirement

  • 52% of Gen Z plan to use personal savings for retirement, compared to 59% of Millennials
  • 28% of Gen Z plan to work in some form after retirement
  • 26% of Gen Z believe they’ll receive retirement money from the government, compared to 33% of Millennials who think the same
  • Discovering that Gen Z is already thinking about retirement bodes very well for both Gen Z and the US in general. Recognizing the need to save for retirement early is the key to being prepared if Social Security or other government programs are not available 50+ years from today.


And Acting Now

  • 12% of Gen Z is already saving for retirement, compared to 34% of Millennials

  • 35% of Gen Z plan to start saving for retirement in their 20s, versus 12% of Millennials

  • The fact that any members of Gen Z are already saving for retirement is both startling and exciting. Especially when that number is over 1 in 10—and we’re studying members of Gen Z as young as 14! These numbers show both the promise and room for improvement the generation has when it comes to paving a path toward retirement.

The above insights are from a national study led by The Center for Generational Kinetics in 2017. The national study surveyed 1,004 members of Gen Z ages 14 to 21 and 1,000 Millennials ages 22 to 38.

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