Zconomy for Sales Leaders: 

How to Market and Sell to Gen Z Consumers for Fast Growth

Gen Z consumers are changing everything. Are you ready?

This fast emerging generation, currently ages 24 and under, brings unprecedented consumer challenges or huge growth opportunities—depending entirely on the actions you take now.

In this pioneering program, our generational experts will reveal The Center's new Gen Z research discoveries, expert insights, and specific solutions you can act on immediately to tap into the influence, purchasing power, and loyalty of Gen Z—a huge, diverse generation that can't remember a time before Amazon or Netflix!

Each ready-to-use sales, marketing, and consumer strategy will be customized to your organization's challenges, internal data, your key outcomes, as well as The Center's latest State of Gen Z research.

Keynote Presentation Outcomes

  • Learn how Gen Z views brands, shopping, buying, influencers, salespeople, digital media, and much more!
  • Separate Gen Z myth from truth on what actually works to drive engagement, relevance, excitement, and loyalty
  • Leave with specific actions you can use right away to transform Gen Z consumers into trendsetters and advocates for you

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Speaking decision page - Top left blockWatch CGK's President, Jason Dorsey, deliver a presentation on Gen Z, Millennials, and the generations. CGK's generational speakers have received over 1,000 standing ovations around the world.

TEDx-Video-Thumbnail2Click to watch the TEDx talk on Gen Z that went viral. The presentation, which received a standing ovation, was delivered by The Center's Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey.