Inspiring and Leading in Unprecedented Times

New Research and Actions to Drive Results Across Generations

Our acclaimed keynote speakers deliver urgent and inspiring leadership insights in our most time-sensitive presentation ever: Inspiring and Leading in Unprecedented Times. In this powerful presentation, you’ll learn how to drive communication, engagement, trust, and performance across generations during a based on brand new research.

You’ll learn why different generations experience the same challenges differently—such as working remotely—and what to do about it to drive the results you need while increasing motivation, loyalty, and collaboration.

Every leader in attendance will leave your virtual or in-person event with new insights, strategies, and specific actions they can apply immediately to drive growth in this unprecedented time.

Our globally sought-after speakers and advisors to senior leaders, including Jason Dorsey, have led research studies on how to message, lead, and what behaviors actually work with each generation in times of rapid change, uncertainty and new behavioral norms. In addition, we have frontline insights from researching four generations of employees and consumers, each one experiencing the impact of the pandemic differently.

This is why leaders at public companies, start-ups, venture capital firms, boards of directors, and private equity firms rely on CGK to be their advisor and present to their leadership.

Inspiring and Leading in Unprecedented Times is the urgent how-to presentation that leaders need to hear now. This customized program provides the unexpected insights, motivation, and practicality leaders need to lead through this challenging time—and emerge stronger than ever before. Contact us to set up your customized virtual or in-person event today!

Key Presentation Outcomes

The new reality facing our world presents leaders with never-before-seen challenges and hidden opportunities:

  • How do you lead, message, and drive results across generations in a time of rapid change?
  • How do you keep generations working together, focused, and motivated during a time of stress and while working remotely?
  • Most importantly, how do you inspire resilience, innovation, and progress to emerge stronger and poised to drive growth?

CGK's speakers cover all the above and much more in your customized presentation.

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Speaking decision page - Top left blockWatch CGK's President, Jason Dorsey, deliver a presentation on Gen Z, Millennials, and the generations. CGK's generational speakers have received over 1,000 standing ovations around the world.

Jason Dorsey presenting a virtual keynote.Watch CGK speaker Jason Dorsey delivering a virtual keynote and sharing his latest research on the impact of COVID-19 on each generation.

"Thank you for a fantastic presentation on Inspiring and Leading in Unprecedented Times. It was timely, informative, educational, and infused with the enthusiasm that you always bring to the table. You can’t help but get excited and energized by the results of CGK’s research and your knowledge and passion to share what you’ve learned. Everyone walked away with a renewed sense of how we can all work together effectively in this new normal."

Rob G Darden, CAE, CMP, Executive Vice President

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