Crossing the Generational Divide in Education

Unlock the Power of Generations to Strengthen Education from the Inside Out

For the first time ever, four distinctly different generations are working side by side in education. This is creating all kinds of new challenges—from communication and trust to teamwork and teaching styles. One generation of educator grew up sending text messages and another generation grew up writing in cursive!

In this highly interactive program Crossing the Generational Divide in Education, The Center’s Certified Generational Speakers bring an entirely new approach to bridging generations in education. Your audience will learn that every generation has something valuable to offer—and how to make the most of your own generational strengths. The insights our speakers share drive cross-generational performance and motivation with educators at all levels, from first-year educators to seasoned administrators.

Your audience of educators, support staff, leadership, and more will leave this high-energy interactive presentation with new insights and strategies they can use immediately. You’ll also see why our content has received over 1,000 standing ovations around the world!

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This interactive program is ideal for educator in-services, convocations, faculty professional development, leadership programs, and education and administrator conferences.

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Portrait - Denise Villa, PhD
CGK CEO, Dr. Denise Villa, has been an educator and administrator in urban, suburban, and rural schools. She brings a unique, powerful message of educators changing her life as well as her own experiences on the frontlines of education.