Crossing the Generational Divide

Unexpected Discoveries and New Actions to Inspire and Bridge Generations


Generational change is challenging organizations more than ever before. You see this from recruiting and retaining employees to driving trust, engagement, and communication. Making the challenge even more urgent is the Great Resignation, dramatically different work expectations, and a tremendous amount of misinformation about generations. It’s clear why leaders need to know what works now to inspire and bridge generations fast.

In this entertaining, inspiring presentation, CGK’s acclaimed speakers’ separate myth from truth about each generation. You’ll learn the unexpected impact of hidden trends, a new way to think about technology, and specific actions to transform the generational divide into a breakthrough opportunity for growth.

CGK’s speakers are uniquely able to deliver this powerful program filled with surprising discoveries after leading more than 70 research studies around the world. CGK is the world’s leading expert on research-based insights into generations.

Key Presentation Outcomes:

  • Gain a completely new way to understand and value each generation that creates a mindset for possibility, trust, and collaboration
  • Uncover surprising insights into each generation—from Gen Z to Baby Boomers—and learn why every generation is important
  • Leave inspired with specific actions customized to your organization, such as recruiting, retention, and communication

This inspiring keynote to full-day presentation is constantly updated with new “wow” discoveries, unforgettable stories, and specific solutions that drive measurable results.

In Crossing the Generational Divide, you’ll see firsthand why CGK’s speakers have received more than 1,000 standing ovations, from New York and Los Angeles to Chile and India.

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Speaking decision page - Top left blockWatch CGK's President, Jason Dorsey, deliver a presentation on Gen Z, Millennials, and the generations. CGK's generational speakers have received over 1,000 standing ovations around the world.