Your Challenge

Millennials and Gen Z look for jobs and careers differently than other generations. This creates a frustrating recruitment challenge for executives, HR, and people leaders who know they must attract these new generations: what used to work in recruiting and employment branding is failing today. So what actually works and how can you implement it right away to drive more and better applicants immediately?

Our Solution

We unlock the hidden power and potential of your brand, culture, mission, and careers through our unique Generational Context™ approach to employment branding, recruiting, engagement, and digital reputation. We apply our research-based Millennial and Gen Z Recruiting Breakthrough Program to every facet of your recruiting approach—from your website and employment pages to social media, videos, messaging, recruiting technology, and more—so that every touch point in your recruiting experience not only attracts talented Millennials and Gen Z'ers, but also inspires them to apply now.

The Center's Unique Process

Our team of Ph.D. researchers will review your recruiting touch points, recruiting and hiring data, key competitors, and the latest research on what works to hire Millennials and Gen Z into your industry. We will combine this with our own trove of research and any other data you provide, which can include one-on-one interviews and focus groups.

We will review all your assets, apply our unique Generational Context™ lens to each recruiting touch point, add our own proprietary research and data from numerous studies we’ve undertaken, and then determine exactly what to across your enterprise to attract exactly the talent you need.

In-Person Research Findings Presentation

The Center’s research projects include the option for an in-person presentation of the project’s most important and exciting discoveries. The on-site findings presentation is always a highlight event for clients and their stakeholders. The interactive presentation is delivered by two members of The Center’s acclaimed research team, including at least one Ph.D. researcher.

The presentation includes a custom slide deck showcasing the best findings in a narrative form with take-action analysis. The on-site presentation drives direct, high-impact information sharing of the most important research discoveries, includes time for engaging Q&A with the research team, and fast-tracks knowledge share across your enterprise for immediate innovation.

Your Results

Gain a clear, unbiased understanding of how Millennials, Gen Z, and each generation view your current recruiting assets. This is the candid insight you need to create a benchmark for fast progress. You then gain specifics solutions and recommendations to improve each asset (or create new ones) and then we work with you every step of the way to make you best in class.

In addition to reviewing and analyzing how to optimize each asset in your recruiting efforts—including creating new ones if necessary—we work with you on implementing each of the specific recommendations across your enterprise. Based on our initial review and your approval, we create a plan, timeline, and measurable outcomes that drive immediate, tangible progress to improve your recruiting results across generations.

Our Millennial and Gen Z Recruiting Breakthrough Program is ideal for organizations that need to immediately improve their recruiting results so they can grow with this new generation of talent. Contact us now to start today!

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