Your Challenge

You have research, data, and other information about Millennials (and maybe Gen Z), but it’s in different studies or files without a clear, actionable storyline. You may not even be sure if what you have is what you need.

Our Solution

We make the most of your existing research and data—and add our own data to fill in any holes—through our unique Generational Context™ Research Review process. The result is a powerful, one-of-a-kind storyline specific to you that is grounded in your own data and priorities. We solve the “we have research data all over this building but we’re not exactly sure what we have” problem in order to multiply the ROI on your data now.

The Center's Unique Process

Our team of Ph.D. researchers will review your internal data including research you’ve previously undertaken, purchased, or provided by vendors and partners. We review this universe of research through our unique Generational Context™ approach, add our own proprietary research and data from numerous studies we’ve undertaken, and fill in as many remaining holes as possible through third-party data.

Your Results

Maximize the ROI on your data and research. Create a data-driven storyline that informs and advances the Millennial and generational conversation across your entire organization. Gain turnkey thought leadership tools with your branding ready for your executives to rely on and share immediately.

In-Person Research Findings Presentation

The Center’s research projects include the option for an in-person presentation of the project’s most important and exciting discoveries. The on-site findings presentation is always a highlight event for clients and their stakeholders. The interactive presentation is delivered by two members of The Center’s acclaimed research team, including at least one Ph.D. researcher.

The presentation includes a custom slide deck showcasing the best findings in a narrative form with take-action analysis. The on-site presentation drives direct, high-impact information sharing of the most important research discoveries, includes time for engaging Q&A with the research team, and fast-tracks knowledge share across your enterprise for immediate innovation.

The Center's Generational Context™ Research Review includes a custom findings presentation, slide deck, and infographic that you own. These become your core internal executive resource for informing your Millennial, Gen Z, and generational strategy, as well as for executive and thought leader talking points.

This research review is our most popular initial project for large organizations that need to create a cohesive, data-driven story to use immediately. Contact us now to unlock the ROI in your data.

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