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Attract, retain, and develop Millennial and Gen Z retail customers fast—while making every other generation of customers more valuable, too.

Your Challenge

Millennials and Gen Z are fundamentally changing the consumer relationship with retail. Legacy retailers are going out of business fast, malls are trying to repurpose themselves to become more relevant, and Millennial consumers are looking for an entirely different shopping experiences than what retailers traditionally offered. What is a retail executive to do?! The answer depends on your retail experience, products, generational segment (such as affluent Millennials), and how fast you’re willing to adapt to become a must-visit retailer.

Our Solution

We apply our unique 5-Point Millennial and Gen Z Retail Review to your entire retail experience, from the digital experience prior to walking into a store all the way through how you engage during and after a visit. We will combine our unique generational expertise with quantitative and frontline research so that you have original data to back up every solution you implement.

We will literally show you how Millennials and Gen Z experience your retail environment, which is almost completely the opposite of how other shoppers experience a physical retail space. Our work on-site with retailers and retail partners, from jewelry retailers to global CPG companies and automobile dealers, provides a unique lens into your store experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

The Center's Unique Process

Our team of Ph.D. researchers, retail consultants, and Millennial and Gen Z experts will review your stores—with the targeted stores selected in advance to provide specific experiences. We will apply our unique Generational Context™ lens to each store visited, including key competitors, as well as leading quantitative and qualitative research. We will also review data specific to your customers including your own data. We provide step-by-step answers to each interaction in the retail environment and show you how to build Millennial and Gen Z loyalty, advocacy, and repeat purchases. Ultimately, we will apply Generational Context™ to bring to life the missing Millennial retail experience.

In-Person Research Findings Presentation

The Center’s research projects include the option for an in-person presentation of the project’s most important and exciting discoveries. The on-site findings presentation is always a highlight event for clients and their stakeholders. The interactive presentation is delivered by two members of The Center’s acclaimed research team, including at least one Ph.D. researcher.

The presentation includes a custom slide deck showcasing the best findings in a narrative form with take-action analysis. The on-site presentation drives direct, high-impact information sharing of the most important research discoveries, includes time for engaging Q&A with the research team, and fast-tracks knowledge share across your enterprise for immediate innovation.

Your Results

You gain the exact perspective, research, and solutions you need to take immediate action across your entire retail footprint starting right away. We take the guesswork out of enabling you to grow your retail business with Millennials and Gen Z.

The Center's 5-Point Millennial and Gen Z Retail Review includes a custom presentation with a comprehensive findings report, unique research results, and specific actions outlined in a project plan. We then will work with you, your store, brand, and customer experience team to implement each of the actions specific to your timeframe and strategic plan.

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