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Hire, Develop, and Retain Gen Z and Millennial Employees

Gen Z and Millennial employees respond dramatically different than previous generations to recruiting, retention, and talent development efforts. With four generations working side-by-side, driving results across generations has become an urgent workforce priority. At the same time, as an aging workforce retires, it’s critically important to effectively hire and retain Gen Z employees while developing Millennials into your next generation of leaders.
The solution is a combination of research and specific strategies customized for your organization. To learn more about our workforce solutions, send us a message and let us know how we can help.


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The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) partnered with our research center to lead a national quantitative study into the next generation of restaurant industry employees and leaders: Gen Z and Millennials. The study was in alignment with the NRAEF’s mission to educate their membership on emerging trends, support training and knowledge share, and help advance the entire industry.

Using our Generational Context™ lens, we worked closely NRAEF’s leadership team to develop a custom study that uncovered the most important answers restaurant managers and leaders need to know about Gen Z and Millennials. The findings included many never-before-seen insights about Gen Z and were shared by the NRAEF leadership team at multiple high-profile industry events. Our research team delivered the workforce strategies and educational content to NRAEF in the form of a custom slide deck with the key findings, a fully-designed report, and an easy to understand infographic—all of which NRAEF are using to prepare the industry for Gen Z and Millennial workers.


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Convergys, one of the leading contact center companies in the world, asked our research center to help them determine the best way to develop and retain Gen Z and Millennials specific to the unique environment of contact centers. Our team approached their questions from numerous angles to uncover the missing data and solutions that also fit the work style and expectations unique to the industry.

One key discovery we made was that 60% of Millennials want contact with their manager every few days—and some want contact several times a day! Convergys crafted a digital solution to train managers on how to coach Millennial employees. The solution gives both coaches and employees the rapid and frequent feedback they need to improve and build on their strengths.

Using this innovative system, each employee received 33% more coaching minutes without increased costs, which resulted in increased production of 9%. This system saved Convergys clients 15% on contact center costs!


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Millennials came of age playing video games, including online, where they became accustomed to leaderboards, levels, achievements, fast feedback, and instant rewards. This expectation for fast feedback and ongoing progress came with the generation as they entered the workplace. This expectation amongst Millennials is just the tip of the iceberg compared to Gen Z who grew up watching their latest social media post to see the speed and number of Likes, Hearts, Comments, and Follows.

How does this align with workforce performance? Our national study with Convergys found that 57% of Millennials think daily quotas help their job performance. Convergys responded quickly by gamifying new employee training with badges and rewards. The results were swift. By adding just the badges, training graduation rates increased by 8%. When combined with other actions, such as wage increases for completion, the graduation rate climbed 20 points!


We are excited to partner with you to lead a custom research project! Together we can uncover solutions to your consumer challenges and position your brand to win Gen Z and Millennial customers. We know we will make a great team.

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