Our Generational Research Solutions


Quantitative Research Uncovers the Missing Insights

Our custom quantitative research cuts through generational stereotypes and legacy perceptions to uncover what is accurate, true, and actually works. Our research team dives deep into the data to reveal key behavioral drivers and integrates Generational Context™ to reveal layered insights from our existing research. We then deliver the practical strategies you need to drive results. And, by bringing data-driven truth to the generational conversation, you can choose to become a thought leader in your industry.

  • Uncover the missing and hard-to-find answers to your most important questions with statistically accurate data that you own
  • Test theories and innovation quickly, efficiently, and with measurable results that can be analyzed by generation, gender, and much more
  • Attract earned media coverage that drives awareness, influencer recognition, and positive headlines
  • Received turnkey thought leadership tools to advance sales conversations, drive inbound leads, and fast-track learning
  • Innovate to create new offerings grounded in original research

Our team can also present your study’s most important and exciting discoveries in-person. An on-site findings presentation is always a valuable highlight event for clients and their stakeholders. Learn more about our acclaimed generational keynote speakers here.

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Qualitative Research Gets to the Mindset of Human Behavior

Most products and services that fail in the marketplace do so because potential customers were not asked the right questions. Accurately understanding customer—or even employee—needs, desires, wants, and behaviors in their day-to-day lives, in their own words, is the missing link to understand and succeed with any generation, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.

For our qualitative discovery projects, our researchers observe, talk with, and gain a candid customer-centric view of your offering, experience, or challenge through many different avenues, including:

  • Deep-Dive Conversations: Expert one-on-one conversations designed to deeply explore and answer key questions
  • Action Insights Groups: Facilitated group conversations designed to uncover perceptions, mindset, and beliefs
  • In-Home Insights: In-home visits including observations and conversations specific to finding missing insights
  • Generational Shop-alongs: In-store observations that reveal behaviors and overlooked influencers
  • And so much more

We uncover the true nature and mindset of a customer’s relationship with your product, service, challenge, or strategy. This allows you to understand your customers in a new, very candid way and discover exactly how your offerings fit into their everyday lives. We also offer qualitative research projects with fast turn-around times as well as in Spanish. Learn more about our real-time offerings here.

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Behavioral Research is the Secret to Solving Challenges in New Ways

This research-based methodology for understanding and changing consumer behavior is based on uncovering the all-important “why” behind actions and then shifting a pathway or experience accordingly. Behavioral research answers your questions, such as:

  • How do people make decisions about our product, service, or messaging in context?
  • How do we design memorable products and experiences that customers want to share with their friends?
  • How do we build new consumer habits and inspire people to take the right action and be thrilled with the outcome?
  • What emotions do we need to create or fulfill to truly drive product-market fit?

Our team works side-by-side with you to design a go-forward strategy based on the findings and our generational expertise to drive the outcomes you need. Our behavioral research and strategy can include behavioral design mapping and thinking, insights into your growth strategy, designing a generational strategy for winning in your marketplace, and much more.

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User Experience Testing Ensures You Can Win Every Generation

User research often focuses only on how a website or app is performing with consumers, yet researchers often ignore or undervalue major generational trends. However, generational trends are driving the underlying behaviors and expectations, especially when it comes to technology preferences and usage. Generational preferences can determine whether the website or app will foster engagement in the first place and the level of emotion and responsiveness created.

Our user experience testing can include:

  • Testing, analyzing, and making specific recommendations to immediately improve an existing website or app
  • Soft testing and innovating on a new potential web design, app, or other digital experience that is at any stage of development, but pre-launch
  • Assessment for the creation of potential differentiators against competitors and threats that create defensibility for your digital experience

Our in-depth generational experts and global research give your user testing an immediate advantage. Your team will understand the entire context of your website, app, or potential innovation. You’ll find out exactly how to adjust your experience to quickly appeal to each generation.

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We are passionate about helping you uncover the missing insights and specific answers to your generational questions and challenges. Together, we will deliver the generational solutions you need to drive immediate results. We look forward to having a conversation with you and exploring how we can be your trusted generational resource.

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