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How do you stand out in an increasingly crowded market or industry? You become the missing link between the changing marketplace and the next generations of consumers and trendsetters: Millennials and Gen Z.
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As a pioneer in their industry, America’s SBDCs is the association of Small Business Development Centers from across the United States. Each of the centers is dedicated to deliver training, tools, and resources for small business owners to start and grow their business. Achieving this mission has never been more important as sparking entrepreneurship is critical to driving innovation, job creation, and helping communities around the world.

America’s SBDCs partners with our Center to lead a national study designed to uncover research-based insights into the entrepreneurial mindset of Americans. This national research included how to engage entrepreneurs, understand their fears and motivations, and discover the specific actions needed to help them become more successful.

The national study uncovered numerous unexpected insights and received significant national media attention—from a feature story in USA TODAY to 25 television interviews in a single day! Click here to learn more about the study.


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Global online travel leader, Expedia, wanted to build on its expertise and understanding of changing travel trends, preferences, and priorities across generations and across the world. Expedia partnered with our research center to lead a custom research study in several countries including India.

The findings from the research study uncovered never-before-seen insights about travel, traveler motivations, and travel booking preferences by generation, gender, and geography. The insights were revealed and shared with the entire travel industry to help the industry stakeholders, from hotels to airlines, create better travel experiences that would advance the industry for years to come.

Expedia released the findings, including a white paper that received media attention in several countries. Click here to access the Expedia white paper.


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