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Attract and Keep Gen Z and Millennial Consumers

Gen Z and Millennial consumers think differently about brands and brand experiences than previous generations.  In fact, what worked only 5 years ago can completely fail with these new generations now. The rapid emergence and eventual brand dependence on these younger generations creates a direct risk and a tremendous opportunity for growth. To secure your legacy and future, you must know how to quickly adapt to the ways these generations shop and buy.
Our consumer and brand solutions combine research and specific actions customized to drive growth for your organization. To learn more, send us a message and let us know how we can be a resource.


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As Gen Z's buying power rapidly accelerates, The Hershey Company recognized that it's critical to accurately understand this new generation as they emerge into the marketplace. Our research team worked closely with Hershey Foodservice on a national research study to uncover how Gen Z forms their brand loyalty, as well as the habits and decision-making cycles they use on a daily basis.

The project included a custom national quantitative study, as well as a custom white paper, and infographic that Hershey was able to provide to help their own customers—and the industry—grow based on our discoveries of how Gen Z views branded desserts.

We uncovered that quality desserts attract younger generations of consumers to restaurants. In fact, Gen Z and Millennial consumers are dessert-obsessed and rank dessert as a top consideration when deciding where to go to eat!


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A consumer packaged goods (CPG) company with an inspiring history of crafting food generations have loved for over 100 years(!), realized that interest and sales were down among Gen Z and Millennials. Shelf space is a hot commodity in this particularly industry and is easily lost if brands don’t adapt, which is why the company came to us for help.

Our researchers shopped at stores across the country, talked to moms in their kitchens, wheeled grocery carts alongside kids and dads, and listened to consumers concerns and future hopes. (Our researchers did a little food sampling, too!)

The insights we uncovered enabled the company to identify the fastest path to re-position and re-introduce their brands in a way that aligns with Gen Z and Millennials’ purchasing drivers—without losing what made the company successful in the first place.


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One of the largest producers of ready-to-eat foods came to us to help them understand why Millennials weren’t buying their products in conventional grocery stores. Our research team went to work examining the company’s aisle in diverse grocery stores. They watched how shoppers analyzed the offerings, picked up and tested the products, and read the labels and signage. One behavior we observed was that Millennials consistently evaluated the product by touching it. Aha!

We presented our findings and discoveries to the company’s executive team. In response to our comprehensive analysis, the company launched a version of their classic line, specially designed to appeal to Millennial shoppers’ tastes. The campaign was humorous and engaging—and new packaging reflected our team’s discovery about the role of touch in product selection.


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