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We show you how to adapt your retail experience to win Gen Z and Millennial customers now.

Gen Z and Millennial customers bring a different set of expectations and behavioral drivers to physical retail experiences, whether that is visiting a traditional retailer selling sporting goods or an experience-driven services provider such as a restaurant or hotel.
Seeing your physical experience through the lens of these generations—using our unique Generational Context™ approach—reveals immediate, low-cost, and high impact actions you can take right away to drive everything from foot traffic and sales to repeat visits.
Our unique five-part Breakthrough review, backed by our 10+years of primary generational research, will show you exactly what do in each of the priority areas of your physical experience. You’ll gain an entirely new lens into the experiences you create and specific actions that you can put to use immediately.

Case Study One:


Fan celebrating at basketball game

One of the most winning professional sports franchises recognized that its ticket base was aging, which created risk for the long-term value of the franchise. They knew they needed to understand what Millennials wanted but weren’t getting in order to attract them as brand advocates, special-event purchasers, and all-important season ticket holders.

To uncover the missing perspective that held the key to new solutions, our expert team visited the arena and grounds during live games as well as pre-and post-game events. The Center’s team then analyzed the core offerings at every major touch point within the arena through a generational lens: food and drink options, parking, hallways, retailers, music, and signage. In addition to the on-site reviews, The Center’s team led Action Insights Groups, one-on-one interviews with fans, and met with organization’s sales teams to bring an accurate perspective to the entire sales and customer experience.

The findings delivered an entirely new lens and specific actions that the team owner and executive leadership were able to immediately integrate into their plans.

Case Study Two:


Lady smiling and holding keys in a convertible automobile

One of the largest luxury car manufacturers in the world hired our consulting team to re-imagine the in-store shopping experience at their dealerships to coincide with the launch of a new luxury car aimed at affluent Millennials.

The Center’s team visited numerous dealerships, interviewed dealers, sales consultants, F&I directors, service advisors, and other key customer touch points. In addition, The Center’s team tested the buying experience as an actual consumer to bring the experience to life for the client.

The resulting findings were a completely new view of the experience through the lens of younger generations, which was a huge “wow” to the company’s leadership.

The Center’s team was then hired to record video and curriculum-based training that was used to train all of the dealership-level sales consultants across the U.S. to coincide with the launch of the new car model. The car’s launch was incredibly successful and opened new inroads for attracting and keeping the youngest generation of car buyers and influencers.

Case Study Three:


Outdoor shopping center

A billion-dollar general merchandise retailer was struggling to attract and keep Millennial and younger shoppers. Foot traffic was down. Sales per square foot were down. Overall customer enthusiasm was down. Yet at the same time, competition in an already competitive market was growing fast.

The Center’s consulting team visited multiple locations of the retailer, including their new concept stores with varying footprints and in-store messaging, to identify the fastest actions the retailer could take to pull out of their downward spiral. The solutions included rethinking in-store messaging which was extremely off-message with younger generations, adapting merchandising to align better with generations and life stage, as well as bringing digital into the in-store shopping experience.

The Center’s team then presented the findings and recommendations to senior leadership as well as to all store general managers to drive faster buy-in, implementation, and results.


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