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How to hire, develop, and retain Gen Z and Millennial talent

Gen Z and Millennials bring a whole new approach to work. This impacts everything, including what motivates them and drives key outcomes for job seeking, job applying, training, talent development, and retention. The all-important first step is accurately understanding how these generations see and experience your employment branding, recruiting, and workforce experiences as well as how external generational drivers affect their behaviors (such as student loan debt or a company’s reputation).
Understanding how all these factors and more come into play to affect your multi-generational workforce is a core talent of The Center’s team. The Center’s team has led numerous studies and worked with diverse clients to solve the workforce challenges that Gen Z and Millennials bring, whether as new workforce entrants or managers who themselves are managing people both older and younger.
We show you exactly how to advance your messaging, workforce strategies, and engagement approaches to drive the most important outcomes you need—and all specific to the realities, constraints, and opportunities unique to your organization or industry within in a tight labor market.
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Case Study One:


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The Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) and their 200+ member hospitals provide life-saving care to children and families across the United States. Unfortunately, like many healthcare organizations, attracting and retaining Millennial and Gen Z nurses is a major challenge and one that must be solved within the unique constraints and realities of a hospital environment.

CHA hired CGK’s research team to lead a landmark national study to uncover what would get more nurses and Millennials in general to apply and work in a children’s hospital. The results were so impactful, that CGK’s consulting team was asked to develop a social media scorecard for children’s hospital leaders to use to assess their social media efforts for employment branding and key recruiting outcomes.

CGK’s team then keynoted numerous CHA events to spread the message to hospital leadership in a variety of roles, from CEO to CHRO, CNO and CFO, for faster adoption across their network of hospitals.

Case Study Two:


Contractor holding hard hat in front of a frontloader

Distribution contractors are critical to construction and development. These contractors and their employees build the infrastructure necessary for commercial buildings, neighborhoods, power transfer, and all forms of resource distribution. This hardworking group of people creates tens of thousands of high-paying jobs and offers excellent career potential, but they were facing an extreme challenge getting Gen Z and Millennials to apply for, accept, and build a career in the industry.

DCA hired CGK to help its member companies understand what Gen Z and Millennial applicants expect from their websites, social media, and application process. Our team revealed a previously unseen perspective that was absolutely critical to address, as well as specific actions that could be implemented immediately in member companies of all sizes and geographies.

The findings were transformed into custom learning tools that the organization delivered to members to drive the knowledge deep and nationwide. In addition, DCA partnered with CGK to produce their first ever National Workforce Summit!

Case Study Three:


Head chef training another in kitchen

A large restaurant chain recognized that they were struggling to retain Millennials across their many locations. CGK’s team was hired to explore the challenge and provide solutions for the restaurant chain that could be scaled across their entire footprint. The relationship started with keynoting internal events for the restaurant chain, then events for franchises and suppliers. CGK’s team then visited restaurant locations to understand the training needs and realities within a restaurant environment.

CGK’s team developed training solutions custom to the restaurant and their priority outcomes. The training included filming videos and creating training resources designed uniquely for quick-service restaurants and the challenges they face in skills development, customer service expectations, and career building. The resulting training program was used to train all of the store-level managers and assistant managers along with in-person training for franchisees and corporate leadership at every location.


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