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Bridge your physical locations and online presence to drive 24/7 growth.

Millennial and Gen Z customers interact with your company through both digital channels and physical spaces—even at the same time. It’s critical that your company’s digital and physical interactions create a virtuous cycle of ongoing engagement, enthusiasm, trust, and loyalty.
This increases the excitement for your brand and drives more sales, word-of-mouth referrals, and lifetime value. However, it can be a challenge to identify the best way to leverage your digital and physical offerings into a seamless experience that delivers “wow” moments consistently for Millennials and Gen Z.
That is where The Center’s expert team steps in to be your guide and problem-solver so you can take action to drive measurable results across both experiences. We show you exactly how to leverage generational behaviors, expectations, and hidden drivers to create remarkable digital-meets physical engagement across your brand and offerings.
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Case Study One:


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A global hotel chain recognized that they were not effectively attracting and building loyalty with the next generation of leisure and work travelers—Millennials. This posed a huge, lasting threat to their global brand as well as to the property owners’ substantial real estate investment.

The global brands’ CEO hired The Center’s team to review the brand’s website and numerous hotel locations. The findings unearthed a trove of immediate, low-cost actions that the brand could implement right away to drive sales, on-site experience, and repeat visits.

In addition, the resulting insights were seen as so valuable by the executive team and board, that the hotel chain hired The Center to film training videos and create a Millennials Playbook for all of their properties around the world. The custom playbook and video training, as well as an on-property review component completed by the local property leaders, enabled the global brand to quickly educate and adapt to win the new generation of travelers at exactly the time they needed.

Case Study Two:


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A national specialty retailer recognized that Millennials and Gen Z were shopping differently—and not engaging with the retailers’ mall brands. This was a huge threat to the company as they were the leading retailer in their space. The retailer hired The Center’s consulting team to experience their various store brands and formats to provide specific advice on the actions that could be taken immediately to improve the retail experience, connect the retail to digital experience, and drive digital engagement between store visits.

The Center’s team visited multiple locations and completed a detailed review to uncover the actions the brand was taking that were hurting Millennial and Gen Z trust, interest, and loyalty. At the same time, The Center’s team uncovered new and underutilized strengths that the retailer could build on immediately. The result was a delivery to their leadership team who was able to identify the specific ways they could integrate the findings throughout their various brands right in time for the all-important holiday season.

Case Study Three:


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One of the largest food companies in the world recognized that Millennial moms and Gen Z were not choosing their food products, which weighed on their sales and risked affecting their stock price. The company hired The Center’s consulting team to visit numerous locations and uncover the hidden drivers affecting the purchases, or, increasingly, a lack of purchases.

The Center’s team spent time in numerous stores to observe diverse shoppers in action. At the same time, The Center’s team reviewed the brand’s website and social channels, which were not in alignment with one another or the target market.

The Center’s team created a step-by-step plan and solution to bring all channels into alignment with the hidden drivers behind Millennial and Gen Z purchasing in the category. The Center’s presentation for the CEO and senior executives led to immediate changes at the brand level and informed the introduction of new products and packaging. With new messaging, imaging, and product positioning, the brand was able to drive fast changes to its digital footprint and show retailers that it was adapting to the next generation across its entire brand platform.


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