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Reignite your website and social media to fast-track growth.

To Millennials and Gen Z, an organization's digital experience is often “the” experience. The reason: digital often determines whether or not these two generations will want to engage with your brand, offer, product, or service—well before they might even consider stepping foot in your store (and even if it is necessary to visit your store!). Digital is the channel to build awareness, excitement, interest, initial trial, and nurture long-term loyalty and engagement.
Millennials and Gen Z use digital and social media differently than other generations and the brands that rise to the challenge—whether legacy brands or start-ups—will have a huge growth advantage going forward. Our team will show you new ways to view your digital experience, pathway, and specific strategies that drive immediate, measurable results you can build on year after year.
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Case Study One:


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One of the largest automotive retailers in the world asked The Center’s team to show them how to improve their digital strategy and sales results. The multi-year project included reviewing the current and proposed website experience, from experiencing the existing site to wireframes of potential new versions, along with PPC, social media, and key digital advertising campaigns.

The Center’s team dove deep into the company’s ratings and reviews, including their responses, as well as social media and the company’s primary website traffic sources. The result was a new generational lens that the senior executives could rely on to see and understand how the younger generations experienced the current site. This base case analysis and ongoing consulting enabled the retailer to quickly adapt the next version of the site to be much more effective. The missing insights that were uncovered also enabled the digital team at the retailer to implement changes at every digital touch point.

The project was such a big success that the company hired The Center (twice!) and the CEO has publicly stated the impact of the project on the company’s growth and bottom line.

Case Study Two:


Mother with 2 young children, making cookies

One of the US’s most storied CPG brands had a line of goods that has been a bestseller regionally for decades. Parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents loved the products and loyally purchased them week after week, year after year, fueling consistent sales for more than 100 years. When Gen Z and Millennials emerged as drivers of this consumer category, the company’s sales results with their core product plateaued and showed the potential for a decline as older consumers purchased less or completely aged out.

The Center’s expert generational consulting and research team analyzed the company’s digital presence, including its website and social media. The team also visited locations to see and experience the brand on shelves firsthand—as well as observe customer interactions.

Our research team was able to reveal to the company how this new generation of Millennial Moms and Gen Z kids saw their brand and products. We then provided specific solutions for adapting the messaging and branding to attract and keep this new generation at such a critical time. The project led to additional consulting and presentations to increase the generational expertise across the company and its many brands.


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