What it Really Means When Millennials “Kill” an Industry

Jason Dorsey sheds light on how certain industries fail to adapt to changing needs

It seems there’s a new headline every day about Millennials “killing” a different industry.

Jason Dorsey Shares Insights on Gen Z with Forbes Africa

Forbes Africa interviews Jason Dorsey to learn how Gen Z is disrupting industries and dictating new trends across the globe

Generation Z are emerging—and they are already creating waves thanks to mobile technology. Forbes Africa interviewed Jason Dorsey, President and Co-Founder at The Center for Generational Kinetics, to learn more about the Gen Z, the generation after Millennials, and why they are poised to change the world.

Millennials Understand Money Better Than You Think

Jason Dorsey weighs in on how Millennials may have more financial knowledge than even Baby Boomers.

A new survey shows that when it comes to money and finances, Millennials might have a better handle on things than their parents’ generation.

Millennials Understand Money Better Than You Think

A recent poll conducted by the Bank of America found that Millennials outscored Baby Boomers in almost every aspect of personal finance. Read More »

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Is “Xennial” a Real Generation? The Truth about Microgenerations

Were you born between Gen X and Millennials? You’re actually a Cusper.

Is it true there is a microgeneration called “Xennials” or “Oregon Trail Generation” between Gen X and Millennials?

NBC filmed us in our office answering questions about Millennial myths!

NBC was in our office to ask us to separate generational myths from truth and explain delayed adulthood. Check out the TV segment below!

NBC was in our office for two hours to ask us about generational myths and Millennials!

NBC filmed us in our office answering questions about Millennial myths!

Watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at our office and to see an explanation of delayed adulthood and Millennial myth-busting. Read More »

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Who Do Our Generational Keynote Speakers Work With?

Watch our speakers talk about their most interesting client!

Curt Steinhorst, Matt Beaudreau, and Alicia Rainwater, our certified generational and Millennial speakers, keynote events around the globe.

Baby Boomers Compete With Millennials for Apartment Living

As retirement looms, Boomers turn to amenity-filled luxury apartment living

While it’s true that Millennials are still renting at a higher rate than any other generation and mostly avoid buying houses of their own, their parents’ generation isn’t far behind them.

The Importance of the Word “Millennial”

Jason Dorsey weighs in on the importance of generational identity

The word “Millennial” has never been more contentious.

The Center’s Research Featured on 25 TV shows in a day!

Breakthrough national research on Millennials, Gen Z, and entrepreneurship

The Center for Generational was proud to partner with America’s Small Business Development Center’s to lead a breakthrough national study for the organization that explored Millennials and their attitude toward starting and owning their own business.

The Center’s Research Featured on 25 TV shows in a day!

The study’s findings were so powerful that the study’s co-authors, Tee Rowe and Jason Dorsey, were featured on more than 25 TV shows in a single day!!!  Read More »

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More than any other generation, Baby Boomers plan to flex their spending power during the holidays, but Millennials plan to stay within budget

Baby Boomers and Millennials differ greatly in their shopping trends year-round, but nowhere is this more apparent than during the holiday season.