The Center’s Gen Z Research Is Featured in an International College Textbook

Exciting news about The Center’s new Gen Z National Study

We are excited to announce that The Center’s for Generational Kinetics’ latest national study on Generation Z is being featured in a college textbook

The Center’s Gen Z Research Is Featured in an International College Textbook

The research team at The Center is thrilled and honored to be included in the textbook and to be viewed as primary source material for understanding Generation Z. Read More »

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How Gender Inclusion is Now a Topic in Schools Amongst Students and Teachers

Gender equality, diversity, and inclusion are huge topics for Generation Z, and one place where it is showing up is in schools.


Topics like gender norms and inclusion are now part of the mainstream conversation for Gen Z and Millennials, and more and more people are willing to talk about topics that were once considered off-limits. Read More »

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Will Millennials Inherit Trillions?

Wealth Managers Believe Millennials are about receive one of the largest wealth transfers in history

There is much debate around whether or not Millennials, currently ages 22 to 39, will inherit trillions (yes, trillions) from their parents and grandparents.

New Study Shows That Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over Millennial Jobs

AI is coming for jobs, especially those of Millennials

Artificial Intelligence will be taking over Millennial jobs in the decades to come, according to a new study conducted and released by Gallup.

What is a Generation?

Defining a Cohort

Nowadays, terms like 'Baby Boomers,' ‘Gen X,’ 'Millennials,' and 'Gen Z' have become household words.

Not their Parents’ Prom

Gen Z Prom-Goers Are Most Traditional Teens in Years, Survey Finds

Gen Z prom-goers are taking fashion tips and tricks from their Generation X moms and even their Baby Boomer grandmothers, rather than their Millennial sisters.

How Large is Each Generation in the US?

From Gen Z and Millennials to Gen X, Boomers, and Traditionalists

We are frequently asked, “How large is each generation in the U.S.?” Great question!

5 Things Moms Should Know About Their Gen Z Kids

Check out these surprising facts from our new national study on Gen Z

Here are 5 things every Millennial and Gen X mom should know based on our new national study on Gen Z.

6 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Millennial Moms

Check out these unique gift ideas for the Millennial mom in your life

We've got you covered in the gift department this Mother's Day.

New National Study: The State of Gen Z™ 2017

New National Study Finds Gen Z is Smarter with Money than Millennials

Our newest research here at The Center for Generational Kinetics reveals that Americans ages 14-21 are demonstrating conservative economic tendencies at an early age.