Gen Z’s Biggest Nightmare: Their Parents on Snapchat

With older generations flocking to Snapchat, the messaging app might need to look for ways to stay relevant with their original userbase.

Don't blink: before you know it, your favorite hip, of-the-moment app you're using to message your friends is about to make its way into the wrong hands -- your parents!

Millennials Trade Perks for Purpose

Millennials prefer engaging and purpose-driven work to in-office extras

While it's clear Millennials like to customize their workspaces, Millennials would prefer purpose-driven work to surface-level perks.

Wary Millennials Steer Clear of Credit Cards

Millennials may avoid credit cards for fear of debt, but without them they may not be able to gain the credit they need to establish good financial standing in the future.

Millennials know just how easy it is to get into debt, so it may be no wonder that they are wary of using and misusing credit cards.

Why Millennials Make an Exception for Chocolate

Millennials say they prefer ethically-sourced, organic foods...but what happens when it comes to chocolate?

The one category where Millennials' eyes win out over their ethics? Chocolate.

Social Media’s Secret Influence on Millennial Homebuyers

Would you buy a house if your Facebook friends did? One study investigates.

Facebook has a lot more influence over Millennials' lives than they might realize.

Millennials Challenge Stereotypes About Spending

One study shows how a large percentage of Millennials are fighting FOMO and sticking to their budgets.

While it may be true that Millennials don't have the greatest financial track record, a recent survey revealed that they may have better spending habits than expected.

Here’s Why Millennials Don’t Trust the Job Market

In an era of job uncertainty, Millennials are taking matters into their own hands.

Even though Millennials grew up being told that they can do anything they want if they just put their minds to it, they are not swayed by the American Dream

Millennials Live with Parents More than Romantic Partners

New research shows that more Millennials are living with their parents than with a significant other.

Jason Dorsey Talks Millennials and Financial Literacy on

"A new national study we conducted with Global Cash Card found that out of the 53 million Millennials that are considered employed, about five million do not have a checking account," writes Jason Dorsey, in his article.

Where do Millennials Find Contractors?

The Internet is causing a major split across generations in where people find help for problems and projects around the home.

Whereas once it was commonplace for people of all generations to find their architects, designers, landscapers, and cleaners in a phonebook or through recommendations from family and friends, the Millennial generation prefers to find these services online.