CGK’s Co-Founders and new Zconomy book featured in a 6-page story in Texas CEO Magazine

CGK co-founders get high-profile recognition for Zconomy and groundbreaking Gen Z research

CGK CEO Denise Villa, Ph.D., and CGK President, Jason Dorsey, were interviewed by Texas CEO Magazine for a feature story to discuss their new book, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business―and What to Do About It.

CGK’s Co-Founders and new Zconomy book featured in a 6-page story in Texas CEO Magazine

The interview with Jason and Dr. Villa was the focus of a 6-page feature story in Texas CEO Magazine. The feature story covered the surprising research-based insights and strategies from their definitive book about Gen Z, which was also a #1 New Release on Amazon. Read More »

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Exciting New CGK Research Studies – Now Available Online

Access our latest generational research discoveries from studies led during the COVID-19 pandemic

At CGK, we are continually leading original research to separate myth from truth when it comes to generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.

After Six Months of Only Virtual Events, In-Person Presentations Are Finally Returning

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shares His Experience Keynoting an In-Person Event for the First Time Since March 2020

Acclaimed Generational Speaker Jason Dorsey recently spoke at his first in-person, hybrid event since March.

#1 New Release on Amazon: Zconomy!

CGK’s New Book About Gen Z is a National Bestseller

The Center for Generational Kinetics, led by Dr. Denise Villa, CEO, and Jason Dorsey, President, have been researching and writing a new book about Gen Z for more than two years.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame!

After 3,000 keynote presentations around the world, Jason receives the industry’s highest honor

The team at CGK is excited to announce that our President and Co-founder, Jason Dorsey, was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame!

CGK President Jason Dorsey Inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame!

This is the most significant honor given in the professional speaking industry and a testament to the unique insights, speaking talent, and results he has delivered for clients around the world. Read More »

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Make your Next Virtual Meeting, Conference, or Online Event a Resounding Success!

CGK President Jason Dorsey Has Delivered Virtual Presentations to More Than 100,000 Leaders in over 100 Countries

As President of CGK, Jason combines our extensive generational research, unique insights, and practical solutions with his trademark interactive presentation style.

Gen Z Are Not “Millennials 2.0”

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shared the Latest Key Insights About the New Generation Coming of Age

Kathryn Lundstrom from Adweek recently spoke with CGK President and lead generational researcher Jason to discuss the state of Gen Z.

Everything from Activism to Benefits, and the Coronavirus Will Define Gen Z

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shared Several Key Insights with Yahoo! News

Jason Dorsey, CGK President and leader of 65 generational studies across four continents, was recently interviewed by Yahoo! News to discuss several key topics affecting Gen Z.

From A to Gen Z: How the Pandemic Has Impacted the Youngest Generation and All Americans

Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News Sat Down with CGK President Jason Dorsey For A Wide-Ranging Interview

Jason Dorsey sat down with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News via Zoom to discuss several key topics affecting Gen Z and all generations.

Half of Graduating High School Seniors Have Changed Their Plans

Another Tell-Tale Sign That the Pandemic is Gen Z’s ‘Generation Defining Moment’

Historically, many graduating high school seniors have looked to traditional, brick and mortar universities as the natural next step to their formal education.