The Generational Divide on Self-Driving Cars

Will fast-changing automobile technology wedge a further divide between the oldest and youngest generations?

Self-driving cars used to seem like one of many elements of an idealistic future that looked great on the big screen but would never happen…along with robots that clean up after you and meals in pill form. But as anyone who has ever used a Roomba or drank a meal-replacement shake can tell you, that future is nigh.

Is Your Boss a Millennial?

With more Millennials rising to managerial positions, here’s how to turn potential inter-office conflicts into opportunities for generational growth

With more generations than ever in the workplace at once, may offices are facing some never-before-seen challenges. You have Millennials for whom smartphone use and instantaneous emailing and texting are a given, but also Baby Boomers who still value well-thought-out emails and, yes, even actual phone calls.

How to Make Sure Your Gift Won’t Get Re-Gifted This Holiday Season

Gift cards were once seen as the last-minute alternative to thoughtful gifts, but new research shows that personalizing them forms connections as strong or stronger than giving physical gifts.

Shopping for holiday presents is supposed to be a fun way to show your appreciation for your friends and loved ones. However, we all know at least one person who is impossible to shop for! Whether they’re the type that seems to “have it all” or has extremely discerning tastes, this is the person who is usually last to get crossed off your “to-shop for” list.

iGen and Technology: What Everyone Needs to Know to Keep Up

In his dynamic TEDxHouston talk, Jason Dorsey explains how iGen’s technology preferences will alter the future of technology for us all

Did you ever think you’d see the day when technology from The Jetsons was something of the past? Believe it or not, that day has come. The generation after Millennials—known as iGen—thinks The Jetsons’ tech devices are common day, even old. Learn what else you need to know to keep up with this new generation of techies.

iGen and Technology: What Everyone Needs to Know to Keep Up

Technological advances move so quickly that it seems as if there are new must-have electronics every few weeks. And as quickly as the new ones are introduced, the old ones become obsolete. However, there will always be certain hallmark technological advancements that define a generation and change how they – and ultimately the rest of the world – prefer to communicate... Read More »

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What’s Splitting the Millennial Generation in Two?

Millennials are veering into two separate paths, which will have a major impact on the next generation, iGen. In his dynamic TEDxHouston talk, Jason Dorsey reveals new insights about this phenomenon.

We all know how particular the Millennial generation can be. This generation of 79.8 million Americans is primed to outspend Baby Boomers in 2017. They’re already shaking up many industries and changing the way people think about life stages. But it seems as if the strongest opinions Millennials have is—surprise, surprise—about themselves.

“What Do We Know About the Generation After Millennials?” Jason Dorsey’s Standing Ovation Talk at TEDx Houston

In his groundbreaking TEDx talk, Jason Dorsey reveals shocking insights about iGen, also known as Generation Z, that every marketer, employer and parent needs to know—which is why his talk received a rousing standing ovation.

iGen, also known as Gen Z or Centennials, is the fast emerging generation on the heels of Millennials. This large, diverse, hyper-connected generation is very different from Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. In fact, iGen thinks Millennials are old.

What Financial Service Professionals Need to Know About Millennials Now

Clearing up major misconceptions about Millennials’ behaviors and attitudes about saving, investing, and planning for the future.

There are a lot of rumors circulating about Millennials and money, and for good reason. Millennials are a massive generation with buying power to rival – and eventually surpass – Baby Boomers. But when it comes to retirement, investing, and planning for the future, financial services professionals such as financial advisors are either in the dark or working with a set of false information.

Millennial Women Living at Home in Record Numbers

Why are a higher percentage of young women living with their parents now than at any time since World War II, despite an improved job market?

Today’s young adults are closer to their parents than any generation before—literally. Record numbers of Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are still living at home well into their late twenties and even early thirties. New research shows that while this isn’t necessarily the only time in the country’s history that this has happened, this particular set of circumstances is unique.

Millennial Women Living at Home in Record Numbers

A recent Pew Research Center report revealed that more young women in particular are living at home than ever before; in 1940, 36.2% of 18- to 34-year-old women lived with parents or other relatives. However, Pew’s research found that in 2014, 36.4% of young women are living with parents or other relatives... Read More »

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Keeping an Eye on DIY: Home Improvement Soars for Millennials

With a growing number of new Millennial homeowners, home improvement stores look for ways to tap into this generation’s unique needs and preferences.

For Millennials, also known as Gen Y, personalization is key in every aspect of life, from their Chipotle orders to their sneaker designs. It should come as no surprise, then, that Millennials also have very specific ideas on what their homes should look like.

iGen’s Banking Preferences: Get Your Debit Cards Ready

Funded by little more than allowance money and hourly wages from after-school jobs, iGen (aka Gen Z) is already armed with specific attitudes about banking.

iGen, also known as Generation Z, may be young, but that doesn’t make them any less opinionated than their Millennial predecessors. However, iGen’s preferences for everything from the clothes they wear to what they’re looking for in a job are already proving to be vastly different than those of Millennials. And iGen’s money preferences go deeper than merely what they buy—they already have specific inclinations about how they bank.

iGen’s Banking Preferences: Get Your Debit Cards Ready

A recent article from the Financial Brand reported new findings from the 2015 TD Bank Checking Experience Index, which showed that iGen might soon make the “bank” in the most traditional sense a foreign concept. Even using a bank’s website to pay bills and check accounts online is outdated to them; they much prefer using mobile banking through an app on their smartphone... Read More »

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