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Selling and Marketing Across Generations

How to Market and Sell to Each Generation of Customer from Millennials to Traditionalists

Never before have one generation’s consumer hot buttons been another generation’s instant turn offs. Should you focus on the latest mobile trend or try to win business the old-fashioned way? Will one tactic win certain generations but turn off others? Knowing how to sell and market to each generation at the same time—and seeing the research to prove it—makes all the difference between fast growth or potentially millions in lost sales.

In Selling Across Generations, our generational experts expose new generational truths grounded in The Center's research that will change how you think about selling to each generation at the same time. This presentation delivers sales results for you through ready-to-use actions and unexpected insights. Our expert speakers will customize the program to your sales environment to drive leads, sales, and referrals in person, online, and via a mobile device.

This program is available as a customized keynote presentation, half-day innovation program, or full-day innovation and implementation event.

To add even more value and custom insights, add The Center's breakthrough Generational Power Index™ (GPI) and Cross-Generational Workforce Index™ (CWI) to your program. The GPI reveals each participant's true generational composition and uncovers new generational strengths for them to use immediately. The CWI reveals hidden strengths and challenges within your organization by generation, gender, and tenure. Both deliver never-before-seen insight and can be used to drive measurable outcomes.

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