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How to Employ Gen Z (And All Their Friends on Snapchat)

Recruit, Retain, and Unlock the Potential of the Generation After Millennials

Gen Z is here! This brand-new generation—born 1995 and after—is quickly entering the workforce with a different approach to communication, technology, and careers than previous generations, including (and maybe especially) Millennials. 

Gen Z has come of age during an era of intense digital disruption. In fact, it's all they've ever known. They rely on their mobile devices for everything—from applying for a job and dating to playing Pokémon GO and networking around the world. 

The oldest members of Gen Z are now 21 years old. This means that the leaders who learn how to employ Gen Z now will gain a huge advantage as this unique generation enters the workforce in greater numbers every year. 

In this pioneering program, our generational experts will share The Center's new Gen Z research and specific strategies you can use right away to attract, motivate, develop, and retain this emerging generation. 

This program is available as a customized keynote presentation, half-day innovation program, or full-day innovation and implementation event.

To add even more value and custom insights, you can add The Center's breakthrough Generational Power Index™ and Cross-Generational Workforce Index™ to your program. The GPI reveals each participant's true generational composition and uncovers new generational strengths for them to use immediately. The CWI reveals hidden strengths and challenges within your organization by generation, gender, and tenure. Both assessments deliver never-before-seen insight and can be used to drive measurable outcomes.

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