CGK Research Findings - Intro from Jason DorseyClick to play a short video of The Center's President, Jason Dorsey, introducing our groundbreaking research findings and solutions.

Infographic Detail - What's Driving America - (c) 2015 Goodyear & The Center for Generational Kinetics
The Center's original research studies reveal and confirm generational trends, from communication and technology to retail, investments, and more.

Article - WaPo
The Washington Post featured a story on The Center's groundbreaking Gen Z research. 

White Paper Detail - Will Milleninals Ever Retire - (c) 2015 IRI & The Center for Generational Kinetics
Our groundbreaking research is the foundation of numerous white papers, sales tools, and growth strategies.

Jason Dorsey explains research findings for IRI
Click to watch a short video of The Center's President, Jason Dorsey, sharing highlights from a research study on Millennials' retirement outlook.


Experiences win over Possessions. New Year, New Travel Priorities.

The Center for Generational Kinetics is excited to announce the release of a multi-generational travel study with The international study explored consumer behavior and travel preferences of American adults

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The older end of Gen Z is surpassing 21 years old. They are finally flooding enter into the U.S. workforce in both entry-level jobs and career starters (not to mention

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Welcome to our Findings page! Here you'll see samples of our generational, Millennial, and Gen Z research findings including white papers, infographics, and special reports. These publicly available findings were discovered through proprietary and client-sponsored research studies. While many of our clients share research findings to become recognized and verified thought leaders in their space, many more choose to keep the findings and data-based solutions confidential to build a competitive advantage. Whether your goal is thought leadership or direct ROI, our expert team can design an approach and custom solution that solve your challenge with measurable outcomes.

Research and Solutions That Solve Your Millennial, Gen Z, and Generational Challenges

Leaders everywhere face a growing, costly challenge with Millennials (aka Gen Y) and Gen Z (aka iGen). Younger generations communicate, work, shop, and buy differently than other generations, like Generation X and Baby Boomers. Strategies and tactics that worked five years ago can completely fail with younger generations, who have an increasingly stronger impact and determinant role in your business or organization. Leaders need original, custom research to make informed decisions and create specific, actionable solutions that can be used right away to drive measurable results. 

At The Center for Generational Kinetics, our expert team delivers measurable results for clients by leading uniquely designed research studies and then transforming the findings into thought leadership, strategies, tools, and solutions that drive ROI. Our clients range from software companies and global banks to automakers and brands you see at your local grocery store. 

To learn more about our custom research and solution services or request a customized proposal, contact us today. We are passionate about solving generational challenges.   

Examples of Our Research Findings

The research studies featured on this web page cover a variety of topics, from how different generations spend money and invest, to generational and gender differences among pizza consumers. We're passionate about all things generations, so we're sharing the white papers, infographics, and videos that reveal data-based insights you won't find anywhere else.  

Infographics on Millennials, Gen Z, and Generations

The Generation AFTER Millennials Will Change How You Use Technology - Click for an infographic from our landmark national research study series on the generation after Millennials. Whether you call them iGen or Gen Z, this new generation—currently ages 20 and under—provides us with a snapshot of future tech trends.

Is iGen's Self-Worth Determined by Social Media? - Click for an infographic from our landmark national research study series on iGen and Gen Z. This emerging generation cannot remember a time before social media. The impact on them is unparalleled compared to any other generation in history.

Pizza Lovers? Not Who You Think! - Click for an infographic from our national study on emerging pizza trends by generation and gender. The study findings were featured in numerous national and international media outlets. Sponsored by Smart Flour Foods.

A Generational Snapshot of Digital Communication and Gifting - Click for an infographic from our national study on digital messaging and gift giving. The study was featured in multiple media outlets and TV interviews around the holiday season. Sponsored by Gift Card Impressions.

Uncovering the Millennial Travel Mindset - Click for an infographic on the top 10 surprising travel habits from the largest and most elusive travel demographic. The study was featured in over 20 TV interviews and numerous other outlets. Sponsored by Choice Hotels.

What's Driving America? - Click for an infographic from our national study on Millennials', their cars, and car care. Sponsored by Goodyear Tires.

White Papers on Millennials, Gen Z, and Generational Differences

Unlocking Millennial Talent at Work - Click to access the white paper and all the findings from our national data review. We awarded the national Best Places to Work for Millennials award in 2015. This award was based on an extensive comparison of organizations of multiple sizes. The white paper includes specific actions you can take right away to make the most of Millennial employees in a multigenerational workforce.

Will Millennials Ever Be Able to Retire? - Click to access the co-authored white paper that dives into generational differences on retirement planning. This includes attitudes, expectations, and planning by each generation in America. The findings are based on our national study of Millennials and retirement planning in the U.S. Sponsored by Insured Retirement Institute.

A Generational Snapshot of Digital Communication and Gifting - Click to access the co-authored white paper on the surprising discoveries about the behavior and emotions of digital communication, gifting, and gift cards in America. The findings are based on our national study of digital gifting and messaging. Sponsored by Gift Card Impressions. 

Research Highlight Videos

Here is a sample video of our millennials expert and Chief Strategy Officer being interviewed about a national research study on Millennials and retirement planning. The video was recorded right after a standing room only presentation on Capital Hill that was led by the Insured Retirement Institute. 


Not finding what you need? Email us and we'll do our best to answer your question about Millennials, Gen Z, or the generations. 

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