Baby Boomers are Changing the Face of Retirement

Health and financial issues are making some Boomers rethink their retirement strategy

Many Baby Boomers are finding themselves unprepared as they aim headfirst for their retirement years.

Baby Boomers Compete With Millennials for Apartment Living

As retirement looms, Boomers turn to amenity-filled luxury apartment living

While it’s true that Millennials are still renting at a higher rate than any other generation and mostly avoid buying houses of their own, their parents’ generation isn’t far behind them.

The Importance of the Word “Millennial”

Jason Dorsey weighs in on the importance of generational identity

The word “Millennial” has never been more contentious.

Experiences win over Possessions. New Year, New Travel Priorities.

Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics find travel at the top of everyone’s wish list

The Center for Generational Kinetics is excited to announce the release of a multi-generational travel study with

Here is the One Thing Millennials AREN’T Buying Online

Millennials are hitting the brakes when it comes to online shopping for cars

Millennials might not be shopping as much as their Baby Boomer counterparts, but the shopping that they are doing is largely done online.

The Center’s Research Featured on 25 TV shows in a day!

Breakthrough national research on Millennials, Gen Z, and entrepreneurship

The Center for Generational was proud to partner with America’s Small Business Development Center’s to lead a breakthrough national study for the organization that explored Millennials and their attitude toward starting and owning their own business.

The Center’s Research Featured on 25 TV shows in a day!

The study’s findings were so powerful that the study’s co-authors, Tee Rowe and Jason Dorsey, were featured on more than 25 TV shows in a single day!!!  Read More »

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4 Reasons Why Houseplants Are the Perfect Millennial Trend

Millennials and houseplants are a match made in heaven. Here’s why.

At-home gardening seems to have struck a certain chord with Millennials.

4 Reasons Why Houseplants Are the Perfect Millennial Trend

It will be exciting to see how the plant industry adapts to woo Millennials and keep them interested as they move toward other traditional markers of adulthood. Read More »

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More than any other generation, Baby Boomers plan to flex their spending power during the holidays, but Millennials plan to stay within budget

Baby Boomers and Millennials differ greatly in their shopping trends year-round, but nowhere is this more apparent than during the holiday season.

Gen X May Be Unprepared to Take on Caregiver Role for Aging Parents

New data reveals how changing expectations in caregiving for aging parents is throwing Gen X for a loop

Generation X – the generation sandwiched between Baby Boomers and Millennials – are beginning to face a difficult milestone en masse.


Millennial business owners and founders are creating big business results

Millennial entrepreneurs are founding big businesses and creating impact in industries around the world.